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    Questions about the 2011 death of Morgan Ingram, 20, are spreading through Facebook as people share links to the blog her parents have posted on the Internet.

    Although officially ruled a suicide, Ingram's parents contend their daughter was murdered by a stalker, that authorities mishandled the case, and that the sheriff's department should reopen the investigation.

    I knew in my heart that she had been murdered, said Toni Ingram on Friday, describing the morning when she discovered her daughter's lifeless body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyL View Post
    I know why I feel weird about this. I can't suspend my disbelief. One of the reasons is things like her dad texting her to see if she wants an exfoliant from Walmart. Really? And then, almost as an afterthought, stating that the Sheriff's deputies want her to look at a suspect line-up.

    Here is the link to Morgan's blog she had. You will notice that she was all about facials and stuff. That was her thing and her Daddy like any loving daddy wanted to distract her and wanted to give her a brief little joy, so what did he do? Asked her if she needed any of her beauty stuff like exfoliant. There isn't anything strange about that to me.


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    Ok this may sound a tad mad and its me just guessing but looking at his direction of travel in the pic,it looks as though hes heading to left,heading for next doors front lawn to maybe cut across?,at the same time as watching LE leave in that direction.
    Now could he have been cutting across that lawn(staying close to neighbours house) to avoid the porch light that was on at the house(2nd house on left in google maps link)across the road from the victims?.If thats the case who stayed in the 1st house on the left and first 3 or 4 houses on the right,especially the one with something cut into the lawn?.

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    I have no idea if this has any bearing on the case but there is a recent article regarding a domestic incident having to do with where the possible perp lived.


    If this is not ok mods please delete.

    The timing is interesting IMO.

    Always MOO

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    snipped “She was followed in the car, he would show up at the house, banging on her window again,” said her mother Toni Ingram.
    According to the family, the stalking started in August 2011. The sheriff’s office says they visited the Ingrams’ neighborhood nearly 50 times in a four month span, and never found any signs of a stalker. But the family say the taunting by the man dressed in dark clothes was relentless — at all hours of the night — until the Aspen High School graduate was found dead in her bed.

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    The sort of night vision goggles im thinking of,or similar although maybe smaller..
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    There is previously unreleased info in a reply from the family on the latest blog entry (Sep 9, 3:19pm).


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    Okay, I mean NO disrespect to the mom and her blog. I actually love her blog and I recommed people read it before making any judgements.

    I am a timeline kind of person. I like things in an outline b/c it helps me go back and look at dates. Sometimes dates tell you a lot. I have made a timeline of major events that have happened so far in this blog.

    I am not putting all the details in...just the major details about the stalker. These are wrote in my own words. In mom's blog.....there is WAY more detail about each event. And details about the fear they felt.

    well, anyway....here is the timeline I made. The mistakes are my own. I still recommed people read the blog to get to the "meat" of the story and see the pictures that are attached. IMO...I just like timelines. As always, it is okay if somebody wants to copy, correct, or add any information to the timeline.


    August 2, 2011- The family just returned from vacation. Morgan drove to Carbondale to show her friends her new pup. When she returned, she heard tapping on her window before her shower.

    Aug 4-5. 2011-Morgan goes to town with friends. She returned after 11pm and heard tapping on her window within 15 minutes of being home.

    Aug 6, 2011- Hangs out with friends again. Arrives home after 10pm and within 15 minutes, tapping on the windows again. Parents check outside

    Aug 8, 2011- Hangs with friends again. She’s having problems with her phone. Within 10 minutes after arriving home, while she is undressing, she notices her bathroom window is open. Dad checks. Morgan starts sleeping in her parents walk in closet. Morgan also breaks out in a rash on her face.

    Aug 9, 2011- Mom calls LE that morning. They notice a footprint outside. They install an outdoor motion detector. Lots of stuff about the neighbors deck chairs being moved around and they have not been home for a month. The parents also discuss the window being open.

    Aug 10th- Morgan hung out with friends. Came home and slept in the parents closet. Something was thrown at the closet window.

    Aug 15, 2011- The parents see pinpoint red lights when doing their stake-out

    Aug 16, 2011- Another stakeout and pinpoint red lights.

    Aug 22, 2011- Door Knob is broken. They install keypad door knob. They are awoken by 2 beeps from the keypad. Motion lights went off.

    Aug 23, 2011- Neighbors deck chairs are moved again. Mom calls the police. They walk the property and check the locks on the neighbors door. It’s unlocked. Nobody there.

    Aug 24, 2011- Rocks on the window. Mom call LE. They checked the neighbors house again and it was unlocked. Then mom discovered her sliding glass door lock was broken.

    Aug 25, 2011- Rocks, lights, detectors and alarms go off. Mom is sitting on the couch, and sees the stalker run up to the door, then ran beside the house setting all the lights off.

    Aug 27, 2011- They had just come back from a small vacation. At 2am, they were awoke by taps on the window. Light and everything came on all over the yard.

    Aug 29, 2011- They hang the wildlife cams up. 11pm it all started. Banging and all that. They finally call the LE at 1am. LE comes and checks everything out. They leave. A little while later mom remembers the wildlife cam. They get it and it has 12 pictures. One is suspected to be the stalker. They call the LE back right away.

    Aug 31, 2011- Light go off.

    Sept 1, 2011- Morgan is left alone during the daytime. Morgan hears somebody entering/pressing stuff on the keypad. Later when LE comes, there is some footprints.

    Sept 2, 2011- More lights going off.

    Sept 3, 2011- At 10 (Morgan was not home) a big rock hit the window. This is when the LE did the stakeout. Within 5 minutes of LE leaving after it was a bust, rocks back on the window.

    Sept 4-5, 2011-Light and stuff kept going off. Mom thought she seen “K” running between cars in their driveway.

    Sept 6, 2011- Morgan was asleep on the couch and a rock hit the window.

    Sept 11, 2011- Mom was awoke by the dog barking at 1:45 am. She sees nothing but the lights go off.

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    sipping coffee at the Purple Rose Theatre

    The Stalking and Mysterious Death of Morgan Ingram: timeline, picture,media thread:

    this is a no discussion thread... you can post timelines, maps, pictures, etc in this location.

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    Decided to post my timeline, see how in compares: The bolded dates are the ones with activity:


    Morgan visits friend (unknown), hears tapping on bathroom window immediately on getting home. Brushes it off as a branch or bird.


    Morgan again hears tapping on her window 15 minutes after coming home, after turning light off.


    Family goes to look outside at window, find no branches to make the noise. Morgan goes to visit friends. Tapping 15 minutes after returning home. Mom and dad go out to look.


    Spends day with friends. Morgan showers in office shower, sees open window and closes it, hears loud banging. First night sleeping in closet out of fear. Also breaks out in a rash (porphyria?)


    Sheriff comes and looks around, finding footprints on the ground outside M's window and the bathroom. Told of previous summer's peeper.

    She spends evening with friends. No tapping. Mom and dad patrol grounds, see a chair from neighbor's yard in the grass behind a tree, facing their house. Dad thinks stalker hearing them talk thru open window.

    Next post is picture of shoe print with anonymous comments about how clear the pattern was, how it was an Etnie shoe, and how anon saw a kid in the neighborhood wearing Etnies not too long afterwards.


    Morgan goes to hang out with friends. Sleeps in the closet. Something is thrown at the window and she comes out scared. Dad pissed at mom for talking too loud, allowing stalker to hear them thru the open windows. Even now, they are leaving the windows open.


    Morgan decides to text mom when she hears something instead of calling out. She runs errands for mom in Aspen. Stops at friend's house, P, with G next door. Family comes home at 9. Mom and dad think they hear noises outside their window. Dad goes to check, sees nothing. They are now whispering in their room instead of closing the window . . . .


    Buy and install more motion detector lights.


    Never before seen neighbor comes to ask to use extension cord after seeing dad (Steve) use one to install more lights. Mom gets his number, but for some reason decides he's not a possible suspect.


    Ordered curtains for the back of the house. Steve camps out watching the house, to get a feel for the stalker. He sees a red pinpoint light. He goes out to try to flush him out. Mom sees the light. They decide it's from night vision goggles.


    M's birthday. Family comes. Send her off to visit friends. Father and brother hide in woods, watching neighborhood. Morgan texts when she is ready to come home. Both dad and bro see the red light just as Morgan is pulling in.


    Dad adjust the 14 motions detectors around the house. Far sensors go off that night, but not the ones close to the house.


    Because the front lock “broke on its own earlier that week” they buy the keypad. Mom hears the keypad being used that night, 2 beeps. Dad runs out to check, finds no one. Motion detectors go off multiple times that night.

    (This is 12 days since the last incident she blogs about.)


    Because of the alarms going off, they call police. They tell police all that has happened recently were alarm trips and pebbles against the windows. She does not mention the pebbles thrown on the blog when it happened, or if there were actually pebbles found by the windows. Also find a neighbor's house door is unlocked (they're watching the house while he's gone).

    Rocks at window early morning. Lock on back door now broken. (no alarms went off?)


    Mom and dad up at 4:30 a.m. Mom sees a person in a hoodie run up to her door. Dad gives chase. Finds nothing. Drives around neighborhood. Only anomalie is one neighbor had his lights on, Jim. Mom's description is def male, 5' 11”


    Mom comments that the dogs have not yet reacted to any of the noises they've been hearing.

    08/27/2011 to 08/28/2011

    Go camping. No one bothers them, Stalker doesn't follow. On way home buy wildlife camera. Morgan spend the night at friend's house. Mom hears loud knocking on window. Mom and dad go search perimeter.


    Starting at 11 p.m., dectectors going off repeatedly. They search multiple times around house. Finally call police. Cops find nothing. Parents go to bed. Remember camera, figure out how to take out the chip and put it in computer, and see 12 shots, only the last 4 showing anything, the police and alleged suspect. If parents checking around house multiple times, why didn't the camera capture that? M sleeps thru it all.


    Mom shows pic to neighbor, Elliot, who mentions K for the first time. Says only 3 people in the neighborhood have that build: His neighbor P, J (whose light was on that one time), and J's daughter's BF, K. Elliot shows her that he has a shirt exactly like the one in the picture.

    Morgan finds out about K; had encountered him at her friend B's house and didn't like him, left immediately. Upset to find he lives 3 doors down now.


    Lights go off. No noises.


    Morgan left home alone. Heard keypad. Cops came. Footprints outside heading towards the tree. Interestingly, in the previous post they said a psychic told them to check the roof (this was after Morgan's death) and they discovered the tree which made roof access easy, yet here, before her death, they have footprints going straight to the tree . . .

    Mom speculates, after learning K worked nights at a store they frequent, that he saw M's address on her driver's license, but that wouldn't be necessary since he lived just 3 doors down. And if he worked nights, how was he available to do the stalking at night?


    Mom hears rock at window. Morgan not home.


    Dog barks at door waking only mom. Light outside her room goes off when she goes to bed. No rocks or knocking or anything.

    ** Notice the pattern in who's doing the reporting. First 5 incident were experienced by Morgan. The rest by Mom and/or dad, except for the keypad incident. Also notice the change in the activity. From window tapping with Morgan, to rocks thrown at windows and setting off of alarms with mom and dad. A lot of the motion detector activity could have been caused by animals. but they're so keyed up at that point that everything is frightening.

    ** Notice Morgan was with friends before each of the incidents she experienced.

    ** Again, I find it interesting that most of the stalking, at least at this point, was experienced mainly by the mother, not Morgan. It seems Morgan had a peeper for about 10 days in August, but then things changed.

    ** Again, also, this does not seem like a stalker, but more of a peeper. There were no reported incidents outside the home. No phone calls. No letters or text. . . as of yet. Would be nice to see the whole picture at once. Of course, peeper does not mean benign.

    ** I'm still not seeing why this peeper would kill Morgan, unless the parents were the targets (or a parent), and what better way to hurt a parent than to kill their child?

    ** Sleuthing this would be a lot easier if we could establish a pattern, but we can't do that without the full story. It would also help to hear from LE, the coroner, and neighbors. So far we have only one person's take on the situation.

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    Starting at 11 p.m., dectectors going off repeatedly. They search multiple times around house. Finally call police. Cops find nothing. Parents go to bed. Remember camera, figure out how to take out the chip and put it in computer, and see 12 shots, only the last 4 showing anything, the police and alleged suspect. If parents checking around house multiple times, why didn't the camera capture that? M sleeps thru it all.

    This also has troubled me. All the noise from all the cops coming, the parents going out to meet them. And Morgan sleeps through it all. This to me, suggests Morgan may have-understandably-been taking sleeping pills through all this mess. Which leads to the possibility that she's been taking sleeping aids for a while and had them accessible to her, either through friends or a doctor. Then, perhaps, maybe, maybe overdosed one night after coming home after being with friends and partying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan's Father View Post
    The pictures or the officers and the stalker were all taken during the night. Next day when another officer comes by to see it all in the daylight the neighbor storms over demanding answers, and the first eight pictures of the night were of me setting up the camera. it was a good camera but the lead time from detection to the first picture is five seconds. The time it takes the officers to walk that far down the drive, so imagine if they were running, they'd be gone, and we had a lot of pictures like that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan's Father View Post
    Hi just what we've been told so far, Amitrityline metabolizes into nortriptyline, If you are taking the drug regularly then expect to see the levels of the two close to even. If it is a large one time then the nortriptyline will be much less than the level of the Amitriptyline as the body is shutting down and ceasing to metabolize. In the first tox reports the forensic pathologist blamed postmortem redistribution for the high numbers and prepared a page explaining that it was an insignificant amount for Toni and I to take to Doctors we visited for their opinion. Before long we had complete agreement from experts asked to weigh in that this was a massive dose. AIT labs did the original Tox and told Toni it was not the largest but certainly one of the largest numbers they had ever seen. This was from blood. the second test of her gastric contents also detected Amitriptyline but also flexeril and two other date rape compounds that were detected but a final number was not registered as the sample was exhausted. The test was done without our knowledge so its disheartening that now it has been used up with only half of the answers. A Forensic Toxicologist is being lined up to interpret what we have so far and he will be the best opinion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan's Father View Post
    the Arrhythmia was suspected at UCLA right from the first time they saw the case. Before the Amitriptyline levels were fully understood. Dr. Doberson (2nd pathologist, 1st ME or MD for that matter) suspected liquid most likely and injection less likely. 2 Vets from the immediate area have contacted us after reading the Blog and say the have both the liquid Amitriptyline for horses, and flexeril, also for horses. Small portion of either would be fatal. They used to be pretty "free" with both but now vow to keep under lock and key and dispense far more carefully. That's 2 vets out of probably 20. In pill form it is a long shot, > 100 pills and death long before they are digested for Amitriptyline alone. I'm sure you've all noticed how none of the other drugs are even mentioned.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan's Father View Post
    Our custom was to walk the officers to the porch and then turn off the light after they had left. Can't be sure exactly what the cast was that evening but probably that is what we did this time. Wild to think as we were walking back to bed, stalker was coming out to watch officers leaving. Enhancement of the face in the photo has never been very successful, but the toolbelt reflection in window was spotted early on.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan's Father View Post
    I was invited to stop by and I'm picking my way seeing where I can answer a question or two. You are so right about the medical complexity. An internist I think is quite brilliant set out to answer it all in simple terms for me and fifteen minutes later was saying, wow this gets very complex in a hurry! Kudos to anyone that can figure it out correctly. Even our experts don't completely agree but there is a complete consensus the the Amitriptyline is what killed her and it was a very large, one time dose.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan's Father View Post
    Elavil (amitriptyline) is absolutely used for horses. This has been confirmed by two very local Vets that stock liquid elavil. It is banned from race tracks, but not in the pleasure horse use. Same goes for flexeril. I haven't actually gone through with a purchase but it can be bought online out of Canada for $30.

    Here is some input from Morgan's Father for those that may have missed. If you click the little white arrow by his hat, it will take you to the original post if you would like to read them in context.


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