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    Marijuana patient uses pounds of marijuana for ounces of cancer "cure"

    Marijuana patient uses pounds of marijuana for ounces of cancer "cure"

    A local leukemia patient who was acquitted earlier this summer of felony drug charges says wants his seized medical marijuana back. Police took over 50 marijuana plants and between five and six pounds of pot from Bob Crouse as evidence when he was arrested last May.

    A few weeks after the trial he went to the police to get the drugs back but pot back, he was told he couldn't have them. He's fighting the police and District Attorney's Office in court because he believes it's the right thing to do.

    "There's nobody else gonna challenge him," Crouse said, referring to 4th Judical District Attorney Dan May.

    Crouse says he needs large amounts of marijuana to make a highly concentrated liquid that he uses to treat the cancer. He points to his blood tests as proof that the cannabis is working.

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    I think he should get it back if it was illegally seized. I know several marijuana patients who make a 'butter' with it, to put in their food. They are so much healthier using it, can eat again and put on weight. But it takes a LOT to cook the butter. It's way better than smoking it for them.

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    Oh hell let him have it.

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    If it was illegally seized, it's still his property. It should be returned. With some of the ways that it is concentrated, it does take a couple pounds to make a few ounces of concentrate.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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