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    UK - Elita Amantova, 38, charged in death of newborn, London, Sept 2012

    'New born baby's legs' found on Tooting Bec Common (BBC News)
    Scotland Yard said: "The remains are thought to be those of a newborn baby born in the last two weeks.

    "The baby is white but the gender has not been ascertained. The remains were two legs."

    The spokesman added: "We have serious concerns for the mother, or parents, of this child and would urge them to come forward and speak to police or seek medical aid."
    more at link above

    Tooting Bec (Wiki)

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    oh my
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    Was just going to post this.

    What the hell is this all about???

    I can't get my head around any reason, no matter how sick and twisted, how this would occur.

    Angry defunct partner + argument + psychopathic rage?

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    This is just heartbreaking as well as maddening.
    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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    I hope they get more info soon. Heartbreaking

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    Search for Tooting Bec Common baby remains continues (BBC News)
    Searches of a popular common are continuing after two legs, thought to
    be those of a newborn baby, were found in a council depot in south London.

    Gruesome find on Tooting Bec Common revealed to be newborn baby's leg, police say as hunt for mother goes on
    Detective Chief Inspector Mark Dunne said he would be "very surprised" if the remains, the child's legs, were deliberately left where they were found.

    They were discovered in a council depot that staff use as a car park.

    "We can't discount animal activity in terms of these few remains. I would be very surprised if they had arrived where they were found by a human being putting them there," he said.
    more above at London Evening Standard link

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    I am left wondering if this was a teenage girl, who'd hid the pregnancy from everyone, and had a "bad delivery"...maybe a feet first birth...and pulled on the legs and that dismemebered the legs...(I'm sorry, everyone. Just trying to understand this).

    The appeal for medical aid is interesting...

    OTOH, it could have been a buried newborn, who died of normal complications, and was unofficially buried; and then unearthed by scavengers and the body distributed.

    Either way, God bless this tiny child...

    Herding Cats
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    A 36-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of concealing a birth after the partial remains of a newborn baby were found on a popular common.

    If this lady has mental health issues then it is worrying that she didn't have more people keeping a close eye on her.

    RIP sweet baby x

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    From December 2014:


    A woman has admitted burying her newborn baby alive.

    Latvian Elita Amantova, 39, was living rough in a graveyard before she gave birth to the child in 2012, a court heard. The tragic death was discovered after a fox dug up the baby on London's Tooting Common and dumped body parts in a nearby tractor yard.

    At a hearing at the Old Bailey, Amantova admitted infanticide and was sentenced to a hospital order.

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