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    Exclamation FL - Alfredo Rivera, would be abductor stopped by family, Tampa, 2005

    Family Captures Girl's Suspected Stalker

    This article is amazing, and this girl is so lucky.

    The scariest part is what he had in his vehicle.

    The article states...
    Police said they are not sure what his plans for the girl were, but they found a knife, duct tape and pillows in the back of his station wagon.

    "That's really scary to hear that he had those things because each time he was getting more and more aggressive," the girl's mother told WFTS-TV. "This time he was definitely going to do something."

    Praise the Lord this child was not taken or harmed.
    Giving thanks, Lanie

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    Thank you for posting this story. I love it when the bad guy gets caught BEFORE he can hurt anyone.

    I admire the father's restraint, I believe my husband would have killed the guy. I know I would have to be physically restrained from kicking the snot out of anyone who threatened one of my children.

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    Ditto GatorMom.

    Ps: your signature pic. is precious.

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    signature pic

    Quote Originally Posted by ariel7
    Ditto GatorMom.

    Ps: your signature pic. is precious.

    That pic is just pure love!

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