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    CA - Eric Yee for making terroristic threats, Valencia, 2012


    LOS ANGELES (AP) A former Yale University student remained jailed on $1 million bail, an amount normally reserved for murder or other crimes that could result in life sentences, after authorities said he made online death threats to children.

    Eric Yee, a 21-year-old who recently withdrew from the Ivy League university, posted on ESPN's website that he was watching children and wouldn't mind killing them, Los Angeles County sheriff's officials said.

    Yee was taken into custody Monday at his parents' home, which is on a street that overlooks two schools in Santa Clarita, Calif. Several guns were found there.

    Sheriff's Lt. Steve Low said Yee was arrested for investigation of making terrorist threats. Bail was set at $1 million because the threat involved children, his home's proximity to two schools and several unregistered weapons that have been recovered, Low said.

    More at link......

    So glad they stopped this sicko before he could hurt any children!

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    Should have been no bail. He is obviously seriously mentally ill, and needs to be kept under a very close watch until trial, when hopefully he will be remanded somewhere that can offer him some help and keep him away from kids permanently.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    Calif threat case shows heightened fears by police


    LOS ANGELES (AP) Rants, racist remarks and menacing words permeate the Internet these days, so why did police decide to arrest a Yale dropout for investigation of making online death threats against children and hold him on a bail amount usually reserved for suspected killers?.............

    ESPN is based in Connecticut, where police said the posting that led them to Yee also referred to a shooting that would be like the one in Aurora, Colo., where 12 people were killed and 58 others injured during a screening of the latest Batman movie.

    Arresting Yee and imposing the steep bail was a sign of how seriously investigators in the digital age are taking threats that could escalate, Los Angeles County sheriff's Lt. Steve Low said..............

    His attorney, David Wallin, said Yee was simply trying to give his social and political commentary on shoes that cost $270 and was paraphrasing from the movie "American Psycho."..................

    Wallin acknowledged there were two firearms in the home a rifle and pistol that belonged to Yee's father. He added that Yee planned to leave the house after recently signing a lease for an apartment in New York, where he planned to start an investment business.............

    "I think that it really comes down to exactly what was said, how the threats were made and if they were credible," said Doug Mirell, a Los Angeles attorney who specializes in First Amendment cases. "Bottom line is, if this is a true threat it's not protected by the First Amendment."

    Sheriff's investigators said they were looking at several computers to see if Yee had made any similar posts on the Internet. They also were working with police in Bristol, Conn., and Yale University, which said Yee was a student until he withdrew this May for undisclosed reasons................

    More at link......

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    The article above has been updated to show the bail was reduced to $100,000 and one charge:

    Yee was charged Wednesday with a single count of possessing an illegal firearm, and his arraignment was postponed until Oct. 16, district attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison said.

    Prosecutors initially held Yee on $1 million bail, which was reduced to $100,000 at a hearing. It wasn't immediately clear if prosecutors would still pursue the threat allegation.

    Yee's father, Roger Manfoo Yee, 62, also was charged with possessing an illegal firearm. Robison said he had not been arrested.

    Calls seeking comment from a lawyer for Eric Yee and to a listing for Roger Yee were not immediately returned.

    Prosecutors described the firearm in question as an H&K M-94 assault weapon.

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    February 2013:

    Yee was released Sept. 20, after posting bail which was reduced from $1 million to $100,000.
    The Saugus Union and William S. Hart High School Districts obtained the restraining orders on Sept. 25.
    Saugus Union and Hart district officials sought a permanent restraining order against Valencia High School grad Eric Yee.

    “Until the criminal situation is resolved, the temporary restraining order stays in effect,” said Joan Lucid, superintendent of Saugus Union. “Every school in the Hart district and every school in the Saugus district has a restraining order against Mr. Yee.”

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    Former Yale University student from Valencia gets 3 years probation for website threat

    Eric Ting Yee, 22, of Valencia, pleaded no contest to a felony charge of possession of an H&K M-94 assault weapon. Because Yee hadn't threatened a specific individual, prosecutors chose to pursue the weapons charge rather than charges related to making criminal threats...

    Yee's father, Roger Manfoo Yee, 63, pleaded no contest today to misdemeanor possession of an assault weapon. He was sentenced to three years summary probation, which involves less intensive supervision, and was barred from owning or possessing a firearm.

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