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    FL - Helen Walker, 34, shot to death, Jacksonville, 5 Oct 2004

    Did anyone else see this case on AMW? Supposedly this lady Helen Walker, a wife and mother of 3 kids, was killed in a "robbery gone wrong" in the hotel where she worked. AMW showed the security tapes of the killer and it just seemed really unusual that a drug addict would go to the trouble of trying to rob a place, and not even get the money--to me, it looked like he went there specifically to kill this woman. When her husband, a Navy man, was interviewed, his eyes were darting all over the place and he didn't seem to be reacting right. Just as in the Scott Peterson case, it was all about him, he didn't say how much he loved her ,missed her, wanted to catch the killer, etc. I don't like to make wrongful accusations but my hinky meter went off when I saw and listened to this guy--I had the feeling he hired the killer. Or maybe he has eye problems and that is why his eyes were darting around. But even John Walsh showed more emotion than this guy about losing his wife.


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    Thanks for the link! I can see why the hinky meter went off and I didn't see the show or the husband. It doesn't seem like robbery was the intention but when people are on drugs they can be just that crazy. Still......

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    Hi Chicoliving,
    Yes, I really felt as if something was amiss....You are right, a person on drugs can do crazy things so maybe that was the case here, that certainly occurred to me too. She was just a little woman, why would he need to go in there and shoot her--and not even try to grab the money he supposedly needed ?

    You could hear the emotion in John Walsh's voice when he interviewed Harold Walker at their kitchen table, and at the end, he put his hand on Harold's arm, and the man reacted weird there, too. Like he froze. Too bad you didn't see the episode but maybe they will air it again soon....You know, I felt so strongly about this, I almost emailed AMW with my impression but since it isn't a "tip" and it's just an opinion, I didn't know if it would be stupid or wasting their time...I didn't want to sound like I was second-guessing the police.

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    From May 2007:


    An accused killer's mother wept as she identified her son Tuesday on a violent surveillance tape that showed the shooting of a terrified clerk during a botched robbery inside a Jacksonville hotel lobby in 2004.

    "I'm his mother. I know my son," Catherine Hawley testified at John Francis Casey's first-degree murder trial...

    Guy said DNA from the hotel counter also matched Casey.

    Circuit Judge Hugh Carithers convicted Casey, 36, of first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery in the 2004 shooting of Helen Walker. He faces a mandatory life prison sentence on top of the 25-year sentence he already is serving for another robbery.

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