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    GA Police Gun Down Family Dog in Home-- Call to Action

    A poster on another forum was devastated when his pet Labrador was gunned down during a false burglar alarm call. I encouraged the man to go to the news media and several stations have picked up the story. The man was calling the alarm company trying to cancel the alarm when the police entered the back door of his house, his dog barked at the officer, the officer admits he could have closed the door but did not want to "risk closing the door on a threat" so he shot the dog instead. The dog owner rushed over and held his dog while the dog took his last few breaths.

    Several things about this are disturbing, the police falsified statements in the police report claiming that a neighbor said the dog had bitten HER to justify the shooting. The neighbor is the dog owner's sister and has clearly stated that is NOT TRUE! The dog has never bitten her or anyone else!

    A Facebook page has been started and is asking that people contact the Cobb County Police Department to express their concern over this incident. Other police departments have changed their policy with regard to gunning down pets, hopefully if people speak up the Georgia authorities will take notice.

    Story with video is here:

    Here is a link to the "Justice for Luke" facebook page. Mods the page is not soliciting donations but only trying to get the word out and change policy. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Justic...74450632679714
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    Another article, heart wrenching: http://www.ohmidog.com/tag/georgia/

    I know Websleuth's has some animal lovers, I hope some will visit the facebook page and support Justice for Luke. When these incidents get coverage it helps ALL dog owners as Police awareness is raised.

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