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    IN - Mark Miller, 44, murdered, dumped in river, Dunlap, 7 Sept 2012

    September 20, 2012

    ELKHART COUNTY – Police have been called into action after a body was found in a 55-gallon barrel in Elkhart County.


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    Family: Body found in barrel is missing Elkhart man Mark Miller
    September 21, 2012

    I]ELKHART, Ind. -- ABC 57 has confirmed with family members that the body found in the river has been identified, by police, as Mark Miller.

    It has been two weeks since Mark Miller, the owner of an Elkhart tattoo parlor, went missing. [/I]

    Read more: http://www.abc57.com/news/crime/Fami...170622836.html

    [video at link]

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    here is an article from when he was missing (has some details)


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    From May 2014:


    Todd Stewart will spend the next 65 years in prison for the murder of his business partner...

    Stewart was convicted of murder on May 1 after a four-day jury trial...

    Prosecutors told the jury Stewart killed Miller, his business partner, to gain control of the shop, while Stewart’s defense attorneys tried to shift the blame to a tattoo artist who worked at the shop.

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