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    CO - Donald Allison, 49, Lenado, August 1979

    Doe Network link - http://doenetwork.org/hot/hotcase2099.html


    ASPEN — Lenado Man is no longer an unidentified murder victim.

    Thirty-three years after the man was shot to death and dumped in the forest near Lenado, he has finally been identified as Donald Theodore Allison, Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo said Wednesday. Allison was killed one month shy of his 50th birthday. Surviving members of his family recently visited what had been Allison's unmarked grave in Red Butte Cemetery in Aspen, according to the sheriff.


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    Interesting to compare the two profiles.

    The Doe Network profile for the unidentified person has an age estimate of 29 while Mr. Allison was one month from turning 50.

    CharleyProject's resolved section says:
    Allison, 49, disappeared from Jackson, Wyoming on August 31, 1979. He was known to be in Colorado thereafter, but left in approximately 1982 and vanished without a trace. He was located deceased in May 2012; further details are unavailable.
    Mr. Allison had to have disappeared earlier because his remains were found August 18, 1979 in Lenado Colorado, and LE thought the victim could have died up to 18 days before the remains were found. I wonder who reported him still in Colorado prior to 1982.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tifflee View Post
    Interesting to compare the two profiles.
    I wonder who reported him still in Colorado prior to 1982.
    Someone (more likely from former friend/killer) attempted to throw off their investigation of Don's whereabouts by call them with false tip. The killers may accomplished it since the UID ended up 33 yrs without being identified. Any friend can kill his friend. It happens around mafia or gang or whatever when things gone bad. Who knows.

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    It keeps changing!
    Is there any info on how he was identified? This sounds like it could be interesting.

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    “Information put into the database by investigators matched several elements of those entered by a law enforcement agency outside of Colorado in relation to Allison's disappearance, ultimately leading to the identification of the remains as Allison's,” a statement from the Sheriff's Office said. DiSalvo said information also was entered into the database by a family member of Allison's.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation was asked in December to check the fingerprints of the murder victim and those of Allison. The department received confirmation from the FBI in April that the fingerprints were a match.
    from http://www.aspentimes.com/article/20...NEWS/120919823

    long article, lots of info

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    Denver Post Cold Case Files

    Aspen body a mystery murder victim for 33 years.

    Aspen Times reports indicated that the scene included a bloodstained bedspread, a “Colorful Colorado” map, a map of Rocky Mountain National Park, Ernest Hemingway’s “The Fifth Column” and a European watch.

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