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    Fireball Run - Rally for Missing Child Awareness

    My daughter is performing for this rally today. I am excited to be witness to this amazing effort.


    The Fireball Run is heading to Sackets Harbor and Watertown Tuesday.

    It's an event geared to raising awareness about missing children.

    Forty car-rally teams are traveling to eight northeast cities as part of a reality TV-esque web and film series.

    The finish line for the local segment will be on Washington Street, so the section from Stone Street to Sterling Street will be off limits from noon until 8 p.m.

    People are welcome to check out the action. There will be performers and vendors, and the farmers market will be in full swing.

    The 2012 edition of Fireball Run is called Northern Exposure and takes competitors from Independence, Ohio to Bangor, Maine.

    Each team is assigned a child from its home region and given thousands of posters to distribute along the route.

    To date, the effort has assisted in the recovery of 38 missing children.

    This is the sixth of the Fireball Run rallies, which started in 2007.
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    Kudos to your daughter for helping out with a great cause!

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