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    Future of Forensics

    A couple of nights ago, I watched a video called "The Profiler". It was a British production - a drama for TV thing. Anyway, the team were trying to catch a serial killer and they had some DNA. The forensic scientist used a "new" technique which used the DNA to construct an image of the perp - shape of nose, eye colour, hair colour etc.

    Think too about the number of old cases which are being solved just because of DNA. Who would have thought this would be possible 30/40 years ago?

    So - what advances in forensics (or even just detection) do we see happening that might make it possible for the Ramsey case to be solved?

    Be as imaginative as you like - some of the current methods would have seen very far fetched not so long ago!
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    Hiya, Jayelles

    You're going to think I'm dopey, but I think the advance of forensics will also support an advance in "other methods" like psych profiles, psychics, handwriting analysis, the whole gamut. I believe there are lots of ways to trap a rat and when one skill gets better, another follows.


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    Wow, That's Progress!

    I almost watched that program but wanted to see the Inauguration stuff.

    Did Laura only wear 3 outfits, guys? The white one, a red ball gown, and a teal blue one? When I was earning my art degree we did a tiny bit of fashion design. I always think the First Lady's clothes are a big part of the festivities. Usually we're told who the designers are.

    Is it naughty of me to wish Lynn Cheney had bought a new coat? Is it just me, or did anyone else think that?

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