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    Parachutist goes into labour in mid-air

    A pregnant Russian woman went into labour in the middle of a parachute jump.

    Marija Usova gave birth to a baby girl minutes after landing from the jump in Moscow.

    She had ignored warnings when she decided to arrange the jump when she was eight months pregnant.

    Halfway through her jump she suddenly felt an enormous pain and realised she had gone into labour.

    She managed to control her descent, although she said she was close to passing out at times, and landed safely where she immediately began to give birth, local media reported.

    Doctors on hand rushed to her aid and helped deliver the baby. Usova said the last words she remembers hearing were: "It's a girl" before waking up in a hospital.


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    Good thing she managed to get to the ground before the baby was born. Why would someone decide to do this while 8 months pregnant? You aren't even allowed to fly at 8 months pregnant!!!!! What kind of pilot and jump master allowed this to happen?

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    What was she thinking?
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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