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    PA - Sexual Abuse Victim To Be Executed

    Pennsylvania is scheduled to execute a man today for killing a man who had sexually abused him for years...


    ETA: Sorry that news is out of date. The death sentence was overturned on Sept 28th, and a new sentencing hearing granted...

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    Even the abusive victim's widow appealed for Williams' death sentence to be commuted to life. That's pretty telling about the circumstances of the murder.

    I think there's a chance Williams may have been a serial killer in the making - from the little bit of info there, it seems his other victim was being sexually aggressive to Williams, demanding that he pose nude.. So Williams killed him.

    I have to wonder how many men he would have killed, had he not wound up in jail for these two murders.

    Sexual violence against kids begets itself -- those kids live lives of pain and deep suffering, and act out against their pain toward others..

    Death penalty for habitual child molesters. That's where my vote lies. Think of what the world would be like without pedos in it.

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    Oh, no hang on...

    PHILADELPHIA — A condemned man who claims the church deacon he killed had molested him awaited word Wednesday on whether the state’s high court will let him be executed before his death warrant expires at midnight.

    Terrance “Terry” Williams would be the first person executed in Pennsylvania in more than a decade. His lawyers say the state Supreme Court shouldn’t decide “on the fly” whether he lives or dies by Wednesday’s deadline.

    A Philadelphia judge on Friday vacated Williams’ death sentence, finding that prosecutors hid evidence of the alleged sexual abuse at his 1986 murder trial and granting him a new sentencing hearing.

    But Philadelphia’s district attorney has appealed her stay and wants the 46-year-old Williams executed before his death warrant expires at midnight Wednesday.

    I don't understand this. How can a state continue with an execution when a judge has vacated the death penalty and ordered a new sentencing hearing?

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    Maybe someone with legal knowledge can weigh in, because that doesn't make any kind of sense to my eyes, as a layperson.

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    Court spares Pa. inmate from Wednesday execution by denying prosecutors’ emergency petition

    By Associated Press, Updated: Wednesday, October*3, 2:16*PM

    PHILADELPHIA — The state’s high court on Wednesday halted Pennsylvania’s first scheduled execution in more than a decade, at least temporarily sparing the life of a man who says the two men he killed had molested him.

    With hours remaining until Terrance “Terry” Williams’ death warrant expired, the state Supreme Court denied a last-minute appeal by Philadelphia prosecutors to overturn a lower court ruling and proceed with the execution.

    More... The article does explain it, I think.

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