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    CA: Hill Jr., James Francis Age: / DOB:

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    Name: James F. Hill
    Last Residence: 92356 Lucerne Valley, San Bernardino, California, United States of America
    Born: 21 Apr 1921
    Died: 13 Nov 1998
    State (Year) SSN issued: Massachusetts (Before 1951)

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    Okay, found him in 1940 census living in Maine with his paternal grandparents, his father, and a female cousin. He was born in Scotland apparently.

    Household Gender Age Birthplace
    Head Hugh Hill M 77 Scotland
    Wife Agnes Hill F 78 Scotland
    Son James Hill M 48 Scotland
    Grandson James F Hill M 19 Scotland
    Granddaughter Frances Martin F 13 Maine

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    Okay, ignore previous post! That turned out to be a completely different James F Hill who died in 2005 very much known to his family.

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    If the James F. Hill in post #2 is correct, I found the following. (How do we know that's the right one? The link has no info except for name.)

    He was born in Boston April 21, 1921 to James F. Hill and Anna B. Benson. James Sr, his father, was born in 1893 in Crane, MO, to James Hill and Louise Young and married Anna on 21 April 1918 in Ayer, Massachusetts,, when she was 19. The wedding was performed by the chaplain at Camp Devens, so he was probably in the service at the time. He was living in Shelby, Idaho, when he went into the service. He was a blacksmith and she was a weaver. Her parents were William F. and Josephine F. Horne (or Howe, the handwriting is hard to read).

    James Sr died in 1949 and is buried in Framingham, Mass. Anna died in 1984. Before James, they had a daughter, Marion Zetta Hill (Brooks), who died in 2003.

    Marion and her husband Morton had 3 children: Sandra, Douglas, and Linda, who would be the nieces and nephews of James Jr. Sadly, Linda died just last month. Her obituary lists the survivors, who could be tracked down to verify if this is the right James F. Hill Jr and if they want to claim him.


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    I should point out that while I can find James Jr's mother and sister living in a boarding house in 1940, I can't find him or his father that year. However, there is a James Hill of the right age living in the mental hospital, and it says he was there in 1935, as well, so it is possible that Marion's kids don't know he existed.

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    Entirely possible if it is the right one. Relatives with mental health problems were often hidden away in asylums or institutions in this era. In the 1960's to 70's many people were de-institutionalized into the community. Often they had lost contact with relative many years ago. Community mental health centers were to pick up the slack and provide services. It did not happen that way. And over time, mental health care has been decreasing at a steady rate due to lack of funding. Many folks ended up homeless. This could be what happened to Mr. Hill.

    I don't think I ever worked on this case, so I can't provide any background as to how the original conclusions about Mr. Hill were formed.

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