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    French bees making colored honey mystery solved; French bees like their M&Ms too

    Sacre bleu! Mystery of French bees making coloured honey is solved... after keepers find M&M waste plant nearby
    Beekeepers in France were confused after their bees produced honey in mysterious shades of blue and green.

    But now the mystery has been solved as its now believed residue from containers of M&M's candy processed at a nearby biogas plant in northeastern France is the cause.

    Since August, beekeepers around the town of Ribeauville in the region of Alsace have seen bees returning to their hives carrying unidentified colourful substances that have turned their honey unnatural shades.

    Determined to solve the mystery the beekeepers embarked on an investigation and discovered that a biogas plant 4 km (2.5 miles) away has been processing waste from a Mars plant producing M&M's.
    Asked about the issue, Mars had no immediate comment.
    much more at Daily Mail link above

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    I'll take one of each color, please!

    Thoughts and prayers for the people of Paris and all of France!

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