Are you the loved one of someone missing or murdered and the case has gone cold? Have you had little help in getting your loved one's case in the spotlight?

Please contact and your loved one could be Websleuth's featured cold case of the week on the front page!

Please provide the following:

- A link to the thread on Websleuths, or a link to an MSM report about their case, if there isn't a thread on Websleuths

- The picture of your loved one that you'd like on the front page

- A bit of history on the case

- Your case must be over 5 years old, hasn't been a featured cold case on Websleuths in the past, and not considered a "high profile case" in the main stream media

All requests are taken on a first come first serve basis.

And if you don't have a case that fits this topic, please pray for those who have been suffering for years - waiting for answers to what happened to those they love. Thank you so much!