Identical twin brothers have steered safely through their driving tests after making a small but identical mistake with the same examiner. Adam and Scott Barker passed their tests with one minor mark after stalling at the same set of lights.

The 17-year-olds, from Sawston, Cambs, were tested by the same examiner from Cambridge's Cowley Road test centre.

Instructor John Irvine, who has been teaching drivers for 21 years, said he was amazed by the coincidence.

"It's hard enough to get one minor mark - stranger when twins get one minor mark and for the same thing. Both boys passed first time as well," he said.

'So bizarre'

Scott said even for identical twins well-used to coincidence the results had taken them by surprise.

"I think it is so bizarre. It is very strange. We are identical in most things but to do the same in our driving tests was very odd. Our parents just laughed and said 'typical twins'," he said.