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    Robbery suspect arrested after asking victim out on a date

    Just when you think you've heard every pickup line: Two men were charged with robbing a Domino's Pizza deliverywoman after one of them called the victim back on his cell phone to apologize - and ask her out on a date.

    The 18-year-old victim declined the suitor's request, but gave the phone number to New Castle County police who arrested Brent Brown, 25, of Ridley Court in New Castle on Thursday. Police also took the phone used to make the call.

    "It would make a perfect story for the television show, 'The World's Dumbest Criminals,' " said county police spokesman Cpl. Trinidad Navarro.

    Police said the victim was delivering a pizza order to a home on Freedom Trail at about 11:20 p.m Wednesday.

    When she arrived, police said, three men surrounded her, took her cash and two pizzas.

    A short while later, one of the men called her cell phone, apologized and asked her for a date, Navarro said.

    Using the phone number, Navarro said investigators learned the cell phone belonged to Brown. Through a photo lineup, Navarro said the victim was able to identify Brown as one of the robbers.

    After Brown was arrested, investigators were able to link Andre Moore, 18, and a 16-year-old to the robbery, Navarro said. Officers searched their Freedom Trail home near New Castle on Thursday, Navarro said, and found the pizza boxes in the trash can with the original receipt still attached.

    Moore was arrested at the home, but the 16-year-old remains at large, Navarro said.

    Brown and Moore are charged with second-degree robbery and conspiracy.


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    Wow, I'm so proud to be a Delawarean.

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    Possible things to learn from this encounter:

    Never mix business with pleasure.
    Never confuse criminal activity with day to day activities.
    Never think that a criminal undertaking was only a 'joke', the police don't seem to appreciate it.

    That the criminal mind might be an oxymoron.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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