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    ME - Blanche Kimball, 70, brutally murdered, Augusta, 5 June 1976

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    Thanks for posting this....saw it yesterday and was very impressed how LE did not give up on this old case and how they solved it....from your link:

    Raub was tracked to Seattle, where he was living as a homeless transient and police knew him from his lengthy criminal record. Authorities discovered that Raub knew Kimball and had at one time lived at her home.

    Augusta investigators coordinated with authorities in Seattle and used a fake "gum chewing survey" to get a new DNA sample from Raub.

    "I don't know the exact details, but we obviously needed some up-to-date DNA from him and some bubble gum was the key to getting that," McCausland said.

    Three decades later, investigators remained committed to finding justice for Kimball.

    "Even though all of her relatives are gone--her house has even been torn down--we continued to work on her behalf and obviously are pleased it's arrived to this point," McCausland said. "This is the oldest cold case cracked in Maine, so there's great satisfaction here."

    Kudos to Maine LE!

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    This may sound mean and I'm glad he was caught and justice has been served, but it seems that he will be well taken care of in prison. He just went from living in squaler on the streets to a prison with a bed, 3 square meals a day and healthcare in his old age. It is unfortunate and sort of seems to me that he will doing better while in prison.

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    From June 2014:


    The man charged with stabbing to death a 70-year-old local woman in 1976 pleaded guilty Friday in Kennebec County Superior Court to a charge of second degree criminal homicide, according to the Maine attorney general’s office.

    Gary Sandford Raub, 64, a transient living in the Seattle area, was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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    A former Seattle transient who was linked to a 1976 killing thanks to a DNA sample from chewing gum has died while serving a 20-year sentence in Maine...

    No further details were released.

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