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    CA - Vikki Alexander, 33, Claremont, 1989

    Back in 1989 I met a funny, smart, clairvoyant, beautiful girl named Vikki Alexander(she was 33 I was 25) and we were dating for about 5 months. Everything was perfect for the first 3 months but then one day I called for her from the living room and she didn't answer. I lol'd and figured she was going to surprise me with a kiss or something. Instead I found her in fetal position in a corner. She kept saying "I don't want her to come back." I was all protective and assured her I would protect her when she dropped a bombshell on me. The "her" she was alluding to was one of her EIGHT personalities. I was crushed as she told me of her first memories were of being abused by her uncle in a closet. She said you cannot take knowing what is going to happen again so you become other "people" and then it happens to them not you(PLEASE kill/report any child molester you know the moment you read this!). She also said her grandmother broke a broom over her back and the family laughed so I'm sure her family life was one big nightmare. Anyway our relationship went downhill after this until one day a very successful plumber named Shawn Nelson came to fix the toilet and then he stole her from me. He was a nice guy though and we all had a few beers together over the next couple of weeks. About a year later I saw her and she was bragging she had gone from a size 6 to a 4 from doing crystal.

    Now I read on Wiki that Shawn Nelson's live-in girlfriend overdosed in 1995 but I can't find out if it was Vikki. She was the love of my life for those three months and I'm hoping it wasn't her because she deserved some happiness in her life. She had 3 children so she would be a grandmother by now. Please help!


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    His girlfriend's name was Susie:
    He married his girlfriend Susie (the Nelsons would not reveal her maiden name), and in 1991 he opened his own business in San Diego. For a while, says Kevin Nelson, it seemed that "Shawn had the world by the tail."

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