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    Saved from Dumpster: Amazing map collection makes librarians tingle


    A Mount Washington home slated for demolition yields a trove of maps, including one from 1592.The acquisition gives the city library one of the country's top five library map archives.

    The discovery that real estate agent Matthew Greenberg made when he stepped inside a Mount Washington cottage will put the Los Angeles Public Library on the map.

    Stashed everywhere in the 948-square-foot tear-down were maps. Tens of thousands of maps. Fold-out street maps were stuffed in file cabinets, crammed into cardboard boxes, lined up on closet shelves and jammed into old dairy crates. Wall-size roll-up maps once familiar to schoolchildren were stacked in corners. Old globes were lined in rows atop bookshelves also filled with maps and atlases..............

    As the workers went through the tiny house, they tried to piece together the wanderlust life of John Feathers, the man who amassed the collection, apparently, beginning in childhood.

    But they had little evidence to go on, and it remained a mystery exactly how and why he obtained so many maps...........more at link.....

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    Kudos to the real estate guy for recognizing the historical value of the maps and doing the right thing by donating them to the LA Public Library. Now, everyone can see them!

    I love maps.

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    Maps are so cool. I've never had trouble reading one, but folding them back after having spread them out - argh! Never mastered that technique.

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    The bottom drawer of my childhood dresser was stuffed with maps. I still lust after the National Geographic varieties.

    What a cool discovery-- hoarding with a purpose.

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