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    Skeleton found under tree uprooted by Sandy

    Visible among the roots of the giant oak tree, planted in 1909 on the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, is the back of an upside-down skull with its mouth still open. The skull is attached to a spine and rib cage.

    The Green long ago served as a burial ground, and historian Robert Greenberg told the newspaper the bones could belong to one of many smallpox victims interred there in the 1700s.

    Read more: http://www.wmur.com/news/national/Sk...#ixzz2AtdiE000
    The world is full of monsters with friendly faces and angels full of scars. ~ Unknown

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    Glad I'm vaccinated for smallpox.
    This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

    Stan Reid

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    Quote Originally Posted by STANDREID View Post
    Glad I'm vaccinated for smallpox.
    You know those vaccines wear off, yes?

    I had to get a booster when I was 12, because I visited a South American country where smallpox was still active.

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    Was this ever solved?

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