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    He said in OCTOBER that he planned to plead guilty, right?
    He didn't say that again in court?
    Just that the next court date is when he enters a plea?
    Because if he planned to plead guilty, why not do that from day one and skip even this?

    He still faces a charge from the jogger attack right? Just not attempted murder or sexual assault?


    Stutson also testified that while at Sigg's home on Oct. 23, Sigg asked him if "it would bring comfort to Jessica Ridgeway's family if he were to be held accountable."


    Stutson also testified that Sigg asked police that whoever was going to take bags with body parts out of the crawl space would do it without his mom watching.
    He was concerned, the detective testified, his mother would forever have those images in her head.

    "I plan to plead guilty to this," Stutson told the judge Austin Sigg said to him.


    On the counts against Sigg, counts 12 and 13 were dismissed on Friday. Those counts were connected to the Ketner Lake attack.

    The preliminary hearing is done. The arraignment date will is set for March 12 at 1:30 p.m.
    Sigg will plead during his arraignment.

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    During Stutson's testimony, a tape of the phone call Sigg's mother, Mindy Sigg, made to police Oct. 23 was played.
    Several members of Sigg's family who were seated behind him began sobbing while the tape was played.


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    I thought it was nice that Sigg's family wore purple to honor Jessica. That is rare.
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    I have taken a break from WS after several disturbing cases and have only checked in once or twice. Now I decide to return and this is what I find? Ugh! I was pretty involved in following Jessica's disappearance/case and the details they are releasing now are horrific, terrifying, and so very sad. To think that monster was the last person she saw just breaks my heart!
    Jessica's parents, friend and loved ones have my prayers as they hear such horrible things about how her life ended. God be with them.
    As far as Sigg is concerned I hope he rots in jail for his entire life on earth and then in hell for eternity.
    I must say once more, the Westminster p.d. and all collaborating agencies deserve huge credit for the work they did on this case. Wish all LE handled cases this way.

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    It looks like the case isn't going to trial but I found the motion to open the pretrial hearing and they make a lot of good points about changes of venues:


    It basically says that although the media coverage in this case has been extensive, it does not meet the criteria to have a change of venue. It also mentions how the publicity was far more prevalent during the investigation than after Sigg's arrest, and he has not been mentioned extensively since then. It also says that finding an unbiased jury is much easier today. It also mentions how when the trial starts, it will months or years from now, and memories will fade, and facts about the case will intertwine with other cases in the news.

    I thought it was pretty interesting, and the points made in it would even apply for other cases.

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    All I can say is this monster had better plead guilty on March 12.

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    I'm just coming back after an extended absence due to computer problems. I did see one article via FB a while back with some details mentioned by Sigg himself, and it just turned my stomach so badly. If any of you remember, I was having a hard time with this particular case due to how closely it hit home for myself and my family. I wanted to say that I have nothing but praise for the Jeffco and Westminster LE agencies, and the courts (at least the part of the courts I am dealing with). They have helped me tremendously, and I have been able to request the necessary records, and get updated on my daughter's case(s). I was wrong on a few things (I think some laws changed re: juvenile SOs), but overall, I am in a much better place, and I hope to be able to follow this case now that I'm online again. I think it would do me a world of good to see the verdict/sentencing announced and know Sigg will never get out...

    I feel so badly for Jessica's family, and Sigg's family as well. I cannot imagine the heartbreak and agony. I think of them often, and pray for them as well.

    As for those of you on this thread here at WS - I have to thank you for the support you gave me when I first got here to the site, and reading through and commenting on this case.

    You all have helped me in dealing with what happened to my own children years ago in that neighborhood, and without some of the advice and support I received here - even indirect support and information - I don't think I could have faced it, and would have been stuck in that PTSD haze. So again, thank you all who are on this page, and have conversed with me.

    I will be forever grateful, and perhaps even I think this is something that Jessica herself has had a small hand in looking down from heaven, and seeing all the people who have come to love her - even those of us who never knew her.

    So, dear Jessica, if you did have a hand in giving me a bit of strength so that I was better able to come to terms with, and help my daughters better than before, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I so wish this had never happened to you though... I will never forget you, and I will be praying that the monster that did this to you is never able to hurt anyone ever again.

    [I know this may sound strange to some people, but I'm a firm believer that even in the worst of circumstances we can find some positives - that silver lining in the storm clouds, so to speak... I hope I have not offended, or hurt anyone with my statements above. I just wanted to express that even through her suffering, this beautiful child is touching others in a very positive way.]

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    Redhead72. She has indeed brought a lot of caring people together. If that creates an impetus that protects a future child, so much the better.

    Rest in Peace Jessica.
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    God Bless you Jessica, and your family.
    Who killed Abigail Williams & Liberty German?

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    Rob Spicker ‏@RobSpickerWINK
    Austin Sigg, Colorado teen accused of killing 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway in court today. Police say he told them he wants to plead guilty.

    Gary Shapiro ‏@GShapiro9News
    Big news day will bring back #SadMemories.#JamesHolms expected to pead insanity. #AustinSigg expected to pead guilty. #9NewsMornings

    DA Peter A. Weir ‏@JeffcoDA_CO
    #Austin #Sigg arraignment Tuesday, 3/12, 1:30 Jefferson County Courthouse, courtroom 4B.
    YOU can help find missing persons by sharing missing person notices on your social media!

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    I wish we could get a new thread, this one is so long.

    Hoping that Sigg does indeed plead guilty. I think the Ridgeway family has certainly been through more than enough because of this boy. He should spare them the additional horror and heartbreak of a trial. He did call the police on himself. He did confess. He did tell the police where the rest of Jessica was- inside of his home, they did match his DNA to items of hers... I know he is presumed innocent until conviction and all but when he is the one saying all of that above^^ why not plead?
    Please spare her family.

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    We've opened a new thread. Please continue the discussion here:

    [ame="https://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=201717"]CO - *ARREST!* Jessica Ridgeway, 10, Westminster, 5 Oct. 2012 - #24 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

    I'll be locking this thread in 10 minutes.


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