Glen Tommy Hvorup was waiting in a car for a delayed passenger at the Sandefjord Airport, about 60 miles south of Oslo, when he got fidgety, the local newspaper reported Monday.

"We had been waiting for an hour and a half, and I was really bored," the boy told the Sandefjords Blad newspaper. "I sat in the car and pulled the knitted cap down over my face a few times. I didn't notice anyone reacting."

Someone did. A passer-by noticed a person sitting in a black Volvo with his face covered by a cap, and immediately notified security officers at the regional and charter airport, who sounded the alarm.

Police in the small city sent all available personnel, which at the time of the incident Thursday were two patrols. They searched the airport and the surrounding area for the black Volvo and its "terrorist" without success, because Glen Tommy had just left.

When the 12-year-old learned later that he had briefly been a wanted man, he promised to be more careful with his new cap