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    NY - Brooklyn, Male Skeletal UP5690, 18-25, Dec'04 - Name withheld


    ME/C Case Number: K04-06184
    Kings County, New York
    18 to 25 year old Male

    Date found December 14, 2004
    Probable year of death 2004 to 2004

    Minimum age 18 years
    Maximum age 25 years
    Race Unsure
    Sex Male
    Weight (pounds) Cannot Estimate
    Height (inches) 64, Estimated
    Hair color Black
    Head hair black corn-row style braids
    Skeletal findings healed fracture of nose, especially on the left side

    Complete skeleton found wrapped in a blanket off of the Highland Road overpass on the Jackie Robinson (Interboro) Parkway. Possibly black or hispanic.
    Jackie Robinson Parkway
    Jamaica Ave exit, westbound
    New York

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    Israel Rosado

    Missing Since: May 11, 2004 (match) from Bristol, Hartford County, Connecticut
    Date Of Birth: September 7, 1983
    Age: 20 (match)
    Height: 5'6" (2 inches taller than UID)
    Race: Hispanic (match)
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Wears hair in cornrows (match)
    birthmark on neck under chin

    Rosado was last seen leaving leaving his girlfriend's apartment and getting into a car on Race Street in Briston, CT. According to police reports, the New York City native had been in criminal court earlier that morning. That afternoon, he had received a phone call and later got into the car of an unknown person. Rosado would travel back and forth between Waterbury, CT to Bronx, NY (13 miles away from where UID found), carrying large amounts of cash, almost on a weekly basis. His cell phone service was cancelled on May 13.

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    Through Art and Forensics, Students Give Unknown Victims an Identity
    Anyone who walked into Room 501 at the New York Academy of Art in TriBeCa the other day would have seen a roomful of sculpture students molding clay into faces that looked nearly alive.
    But the people represented by the sculptures had all met ugly deaths and were found as skeletons in desolate places across New York City — train tracks, wooded areas, in a basement.
    Most of the bodies bore various violent clues, including dismemberment, bullets to the head and other blunt force trauma, the instructor, Joe Mullins, told the art students. The bodies all had one thing in common.
    “They lost their identity,” said Mr. Mullins, a forensic imaging specialist. “We’re going to give it back to them.”
    For this class, each student was given a skull — a replica made by the medical examiner’s office of each victim — and a block of clay to sculpt a face. The students were told to incorporate whatever information investigators recorded in finding and examining the skeleton, including estimates of the victim’s age and height, maybe a hair type or style, and possible clothing sizes.
    Some cases came with additional clues, like a young man believed to be Hispanic who was found in 2004 wrapped in a blanket near the Jackie Robinson Parkway with strands of hair with his remains. There was also a young woman believed to be black who was found in Jamaica Bay in 1991 and who had two gold teeth.
    This John Doe is not forgotten.

    Fascinating article with photos of the students and their reconstructive work on the replica skulls at link.

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    NCMEC update today:


    “Thank you for the work you did that allowed my family to put an ending to our story of pain. In identifying him and reclaiming him our family has come back together in a way we have not been able to do since his disappearance. Thank you for giving us this important relief. I bless you and your family and thank you so much for helping us to have the closure that we need…”

    *Quote from the family to Marco Paoli, student at the New York Academy of Art taught by forensic artist Joe Mullins.

    Watch the full video from the class here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCLwsKHvWmc

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