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    CA - Michelle Xavier, 19, & Jennifer Duey, 20, Fremont, 1 February 1986

    I have been (trying) to look into the murders of Michelle Xavier (19) and Jennifer Duey (20) in 1986 in Fremont, CA, whose bodies were discovered "off Mill Creek Road." Specifically, I am trying to look into whether it was possible that Tommy Lynn Sells could have been responsible for their deaths. I have not been able to find any information about these cases, however, and Diane Fanning's book on Tommy Lynn Sells relates that Sells "may have" killed them. Apparently one of them was killed by being shot in the head, while the other one had her throat sliced. (I unfortunately do not know which is which or any other details; these victims are mentioned only in passing on p. 39 of Diane Fanning's book). The only information I have been able to find at all is a find-a-grave picture of Jennifer Duey's tombstone. IF this is the correct Jennifer Duey, it reports her date of death as Feb. 1st, 1986. However, Sells was in prison in Missouri at that particular time on an auto theft charge, and was not paroled until May of 1986. Does anyone know anything about these two unfortunate young women's demise? Thank you in advance for reading.

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    The Feb 1st date appears to be correct.
    Michelle Marie Xavier, 20, June 4, 1966 - February 1, 1986

    Jennifer Ann Duey, 21, December 30, 1965 - February 1, 1986

    A link to a SF Gate article regarding another murder, it also mentions Jennifer and Michelle.


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    Thanks for the link. I had seen a similar article, and it seems like there was a reader saying something like "I wish they'd solve the Duey-Xavier murders back in 1986..." I'm assuming they are still open and (very cold) cases. The find-a-grave photo of Jennifer Duey's tombstone DOES show a small picture of Ms. Duey on her tombstone. I've never seen a photo of Ms. Javier. Please, if anyone has photos or other information, share!
    Thank you again.

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    Link to a picture of Michelle's gravestone which has a photo of her on it.


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    From a February 4, 1986 San Jose Mercury article:

    On Saturday, Duey's mother said, the women had been at the home of Xavier 's grandmother in Hayward until about 8 p.m. and then had returned to Fremont to a friend's house.

    At 10 p.m. the two women were seen at a 7-Eleven on Mowry Avenue in Fremont. Police have not been able to find anyone who saw them alive after that.

    Detectives are looking for witnesses who may have seen Xavier 's car that night -- a 1984 white Pontiac Sunbird convertible.

    The car was found five miles from the bodies, in a shopping center parking lot on Mission Boulevard at Las Palmas Court, with the doors locked and the keys missing.

    People who worked near the shopping center said they saw the car in the parking lot Saturday night. But whether it was left there before or after the murders -- whether it was driven up Mill Creek Road -- was not clear.

    Uhler said, however, that "so far we have found no signs of struggle in the car."

    He added that police have not yet recovered the women's purses.

    ''They were not with the bodies," he said. "We have not found them in the car."

    Mill Creek Road is a quiet, winding road through the hills that is so narrow in places that only one car can pass at a time. The bodies were found on a curve, in a gravel area off the side of the road wide enough for a car to park on or turn around. On one side of the road a hill rises sharply; on the other the ground drops off into a heavily wooded ravine through which a creek runs. Much of the property along the road is ranch land; although there are some houses, none are near the turnout where the bodies were found.

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    From a February 5, 1986 San Jose Mercury article:

    Diane Duey said that her daughter and Xavier were in the habit of grabbing a pizza at the Runway 32 Pizzeria at the Mission Valley shopping center, where police found the car.

    ''About once a week Jennifer would bring home a pizza from there," said Diane Duey. "They've been known to get a pizza there on the way home."

    Duey's mother said she believes it's highly unlikely that the women stopped at a bar before they might have driven to the pizza parlor. They were both under 21, and not "the type to hang out somewhere like that," she said.

    ''Besides, friends have confirmed that they just didn't drink alcohol. And I can tell you that it would be more like them to get a movie to go home and watch on the VCR and pick up a pizza," said Diane Duey. "Stopping off somewhere like that just isn't the type of thing they would do."

    But Diane Duey said she can't figure out where they could have gone after leaving the 7-Eleven, if they didn't go to the pizzeria.

    Ray Barsanti, owner of the Mission Valley Inn, said he saw Xavier 's car in the shopping center about 11:15 p.m. Saturday.

    But Steve Zensius, 16, who works at Runway 32 Pizzeria, said the white convertible was not parked behind the Chevron station when he left work at 11:20 Saturday night. He said he would have noticed because he was familiar with the car and both victims.

    Zensius said police on Sunday showed him three photographs of clothing allegedly belonging to the women. One photo was of a long, pink coat; another was of a long, perhaps knee-length black coat and white scarf; and another was of a red, black and gray checked shirt.

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