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    Australia - Nick Waterlow, 68, Chloe Heuston, 38, slain, Sydney, Nov 2009 *Insanity*

    I hadn't heard of this particular case before, but I thought people here might be interested in this programme from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

    Almost three years ago to the day a terrible tragedy occurred in Sydney’s eastern suburbs when celebrated art curator Nick Waterlow and his daughter Chloe were stabbed to death by son and brother Anthony.

    Anthony suffers from schizophrenia, a mental illness that can be managed and is not known for violence to others. So what happened in Anthony’s case?

    Reportedly efforts by his family and friends to have him successfully treated went by the wayside, why?

    Author, former barrister and part-time mental health official visitor Pamela Burton has documented this story in her book The Waterlow killings, a portrait of a family tragedy, and her concern is that many who suffer from mental illness fall through the cracks. This book she hopes will highlight the issues that a family dealing with mental illness might encounter.

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    RH was only three-years-old when Chloe Heuston, 38, and Nick Waterlow, 68, were stabbed to death by their brother and son Antony Waterlow. The terrified young girl sustained serious injuries to her face in the attack but was able to recover quickly in hospital...

    In the days before her ninth birthday, R’s father Ben Heuston took her to the hospital after she fell ill. She was soon diagnosed with an aggressive form of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia...

    R suffered a cerebral haemmorage during her first night in hospital, causing her to wake up the next morning with a complete loss of vision... She spent 114 days in hospital, learning to walk again, although she remains permanently blind.

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    Tragic, tragic crime. Dear little girl.

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