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    Exhausted kestrel hitches ride back to shore after landing on yachtswoman's shoulder

    Exhausted kestrel hitches ride back to shore on sailor's shoulder after flying 25 miles out to sea (Daily Mail)
    An exhausted kestrel which found itself 25 miles out to sea hitched a ride back to shore on the shoulder of a yachtswoman.

    Carol Raffe, 57, was sailing to the Suffolk coast from the Netherlands with husband Max Raffe, 55, when she felt a tapping on her neck. She turned to her left and saw the large bird of prey - normally only found on dry land - staring back at her.

    The kestrel, which they've since nicknamed Lucky, then hopped onto the deck of the 30ft Cornish pilot cutter before becoming spooked and taking off again. But the battered bird could only circle the mast once before flopping into the water.

    Fortunately it mustered enough energy to flap back on board, and sat with its new shipmates for the next four hours. It eventually left Carol and Max as they sailed into the mouth of the river Deben, Suffolk.

    It is believed the wayward animal had been blown off course by strong easterly winds.
    much more, with some "ahh...look at the cute kestrel!" pics and a map, at link above

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    Wonderful story!

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    Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

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    So cute ... I'm so glad they thought to take pics!

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