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    YIKES I have been forgetting to put the link to the latest show in this forum.

    Don't miss this show. Starts at 8 PM Eastern tonight, Sunday. If you miss it the link will still work and you can listen to the show later.

    Mickey Sherman, defense attorney, ex con, and author is our guest and he is going to be AMAZING.

    Here you go.




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    Wonderful show, I really enjoyed Mickey!

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    Loved the interview with Mickey and especially his comment about "missing an enzyme but that isn't a character flaw".

    I had a few (online) words with a well known local defense attorney that takes on murder cases (currently defending someone accused of dismembering their pretty blond neighbor in a bathtub). A few years ago this attorney defended a woman who killed her elderly mother with a hammer, he got her a very light sentence, the woman was recently arrested again for bludgeoning her business partner to death and leaving his body under her back porch. He is again defending her though this time he says "this is going to be hard to explain".

    People couldn't understand how a he could defend someone like that! He claims it is because he loves the Constitution. I said something like "It just doesn't bother some folks, they think differently" (i.e. those that can defend heinous killers who could easily re-offend). He acted all shocked and said he was disappointed that someone would imply that! LOL. Consider them mild sociopaths that have chosen to contribute to society in a legal and helpful way!

    They can often turn empathy on and off at will and that makes them perfect for their jobs. While you may only be able to empathize with the victim in many cases, they can choose which side to empathize with and then find likeable qualities about the person they chose to defend. From the standpoint of ethics, once they agree to defend a client ethnically the are obligated to do their very best and it would be imo morally wrong to do less than that.
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