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    NEW UK website for missing and unidentified

    This is long overdue (and this morning wasn't working very well) but there is now a UK Missing Person's Bureau which also contains information about the unidentified.

    If they can get the hamster running the wheel fast enough to be able to complete a search on it, this will be a useful resource.

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    Was about to post about this and saw you already had.
    Yes this looks like it could be a good thing for the UK missing and unidentified.

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    Thank you for starting a thread on this. It is long overdue but better late than never I guess.

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    Was going to post this too - it's still pretty clunky this evening but it's a good start!

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    Now I've managed to get a better look at it, it is almost all unidentified, isn't it? In fact, I can't see any of the missing on there, although had read it was something like 86% unidentified and 14% missing.

    The aim of our website is to publicise information about unidentified people and remains, enlisting the public to help maximise the chances of identification. It is hoped the website will empower families of missing people to play an active part in searching for their loved ones and bring vital closure if they are identified. Our website will also feature general information around missing person investigations and is intended to be a valuable resource.

    The public can review unidentified cases and send details regarding the potential identity via the online reporting form. We will acknowledge the e-mail within 5 working days, however depending on the quality of information provided we cannot guarantee that the force/coroner will be able to investigate further or how long the investigation may take.
    No matter, I'm really pleased it is there.

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    Another one who was just about to post this site. Great news, I hope that some of these people can get their names back and go home
    England's dancing days are done...

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    This other site appears to have missing UK people's profiles, search function not as customisable as findthemissing.org but it's a nice start:


    I just made my first attempt at a match, comparing this missing person:


    with this person found at the bottom of a cliff after having dropped (postmortem images only appear after you click "show sensitive images"):


    I felt that the cheeks and the chins have similarities, though the ages don't match perfectly.

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