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    TN - Extreme couponer alleges attack by dollar store manager

    Extreme couponer claims attack by store manager (14news.com)
    GERMANTOWN, TN - (WMC-TV) - An extreme couponer claims she was attacked at a dollar store when she said the manager refused to honor her coupons. The entire ordeal was caught on camera.

    The sign at the store states coupons are accepted at Dollar Tree but a shopper is now nursing a busted lip and popped blood vessels in her eye after she says the manager refused to deal with her "wad of coupons". She said she was attacked while leaving the store.

    Missy Monzo-Marte says she was shopping at the Dollar Tree in Germantown with a friend, both of whom belong to the DeSoto County Coupon Club.

    Jennifer Hill says they had a similar run in with the same manager last week. Now, they want answers from corporate.
    more, with video, at link above

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    Wow. I don't think the coupon clipping lady is the extreme one in this case. What was that manager thinking?! Good luck finding another job with this all over the news!

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    AND the Daily Mail picks up the odd tale, with several pictures also:

    Extreme couponer ATTACKED at dollar store by female manager who refused to honour 'wad of coupons'

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    LOL...well it looks like they KNEW the manager was a nutcase which is why they wanted to film the encounter. Guess they didn't expect her to be this nutty though.

    They will get way more than their money's worth with those coupons now! Lawsuit!

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    Alrightie I am not condoning in any way the managers actions, but I have to say I often feel for the employees of not only Dollar Tree, but supermarket cashiers and some retail merchants.

    That Dollar Tree job is no joke. After unloading heavy trucks they get to open huge boxes from other countries that contain Lord only knows what. They then also get to be offended, talked down to and treated like crapolla by a general public that thinks you owe them.

    Again this was wrong. Nobody deserves a busted lip. However, I just have a feeling this woman is a real PITA coupons or not.

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