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    Sandy victim's class ring, gone 35 years, washes ashore in Bahamas after superstorm

    What goes around comes around: Sandy victim whose house was destroyed is
    reunited with ring he lost 35 years ago - after storm washes it up on Bahamas beach
    (Daily Mail)
    Stood among the wreckage of his former home in Staten Island, Robert De Vincenzi must have felt down on his luck.

    Days earlier a 12ft wall of water had swept into his property during Superstorm Sandy destroying his home and all his belongings.

    But within a few days his luck was about to change with a single phone call.
    A couple honeymooning in the Bahamas had found it encrusted in coral and wrapped in seaweed washed up on the shore.
    When they finally managed to get through Mr De Vincenzi said he was 'overwhelmed' by the discovery.

    'It was 35 years ago,' he said. 'I was on vacation with my friend and we were in the water, splashing around, when the ring came off. How strange, the way God works.'
    more, with pictures, at link above

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    An amazing discovery after all those years...
    ... but the article is a little strange, the way it implies that he was down about losing his house at first but then his luck changed and with a single phone call things were okay again.

    I don't know, maybe he was very attached to his ring. But if I was feeling down on my luck because my house was wrecked I'm not sure finding an old class ring would make everything very much better.

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    where no man has boldy gone
    I know this is a little off topic but have you seen all the plastic and other stuff that has been washing ashore from the Tsunami in Japan. Wonder if all the stuff from Sandra will end up in Japan? I know it's a long way from the North Atlantic, to the South Atlantic, to the Indian Ocean, to the Pacific.
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