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    Allison Baden-Clay - GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD #40

    Thank you for joining Websleuths!

    Please remember the following when discussing the Allison Baden-Clay case:
    Websleuths is a moderated forum. We strive to discuss cases in a friendly environment.

    Our rules can be reviewed here: The Rules (PLEASE make sure you know the rules!)

    Gerard Bayden-Clay has been arrested and charged with the murder of Allison Bayden-Clay

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    REMEMBER: No cutting and pasting of comments from other social or media websites. You may paraphrase and provide a link.

    The only social media sites allowed are those belonging to the victim, Gerard Baden-Clay and any named (by law enforcement) POI or Suspect, or site created and devoted to the murder of Allison.

    Media/Timeline Reference Thread: CLICK HERE

    CHAT ROOM: not for case discussion!
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    Have you read the previous post? If not, read it now.
    By posting on this thread, you are stating you know the rules!


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    Quote Originally Posted by imamaze View Post
    A list of our verified posters can be found here...

    Verified Professional Posters
    If your not on our list and would like to be verified please contact Admin at the address below, its all confidential.
    If you do not wish to be identified as an expert in a certain area, we ask that you refrain from answering questions that are specifically directed to those that have been verified as specialist in their area and that you do not claim to be a professional in any area.
    If a member posts with "expertise" please check to make sure they are on this list. If not, please do not take their post as professional information, but rather just as another opinion ;much as you would with any member of the general posting membership.

    If a member wants to post as a professional ( a lawyer, shrink, and so on) or as an insider who knows the people involved then they must email us at the following email.
    Please include:
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    All info will be kept strictly confidential
    Thank you!

    ANYONE who posts facts and IS NOT a verified professional MUST POST A LINK TO VERIFY THE INFORMATION!

    Any post without this procedure will result in the post being removed without explanation and repeated violations could result in a loss of posting privileges.

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    ARREST!!! Australia - Allison Baden-Clay, Brisbane QLD, 19 April 2012 -#26

    We have a detailed, formal Terms of Service (TOS) posted separately, and that TOS is what you will be held to as a member here. It's long and detailed because it has to be in the world we live in, and you are expected to read it, understand it and abide by it. However, we can sum it up as follows:

    1) Be a decent human being;
    2) Treat your fellow posters as the decent human beings they are;
    3) Keep in mind that whatever you post will likely live on forever, so think before you press "Submit Reply".
    4) It's a big world. People will disagree with you. You will disagree with them. This can be done with respect, and that's what we expect.

    Please continue here...

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    Please do not discuss rumors. Although SOME rumors turn out to be true in the end, there are also those that are just that 'rumor,' and tend to derail the threads. Until there's a 'link' to verify a circumstance, we ask you do NOT post rumors.

    If locals wish to be verified (as local residents with insider information), then we would be able to discuss, unless the information might jeopardize the investigation or case.

    Yes, in past threads there had been rumors discussed. Going forward, no rumors. Locals please refrain from posting any insider information unless it can be linked to a valid source, or until you become a verified local member

    Clarifying what to do about rumors - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
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    The below link is where all questions about the board, process, procedure and rules should be asked. Any post regarding WS TOS, policy or procedure in the case discussion thread will be removed and you will be subject to loss of privileges on this board. (Potentially permanent loss of privileges)

    Threadiquette- Questions about rules welcome here - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    There is to be no more discussion (or subtle accusations) about verification, verified members or the process in the case thread. If you do not appreciate the input of a "verified" member, treat it as you would any other poster. Take the information or leave it. Use the IGNORE feature if you must!! But please move on!

    The moderators do give certain leeway to verified posters, as per our rules and policy.

    Other than this, the rules are the same for everyone.

    If you have a concern, please contact a moderator.

    If the (sometimes) veiled bickering, negative nit picking or seemingly "ganging up" on other members doesn't stop, management will again review this forum and may close if necessary for an extended period of time.

    We have many great posters in Allison's sub-forum! And we all want the same thing!

    Justice for Allison.

    Please consider all the above when posting!

    Thank you kindly
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    Here is a list of your "verified" posters in Allison's sub-forum

    Allison Baden-Clay case
    itsthevibe verified insider
    Squizzey1 is a verified insider
    XyzQuestions is a verified insider

    DrWatson is a Thoracic and Vascular Surgeon

    alioop is a verified attorney (solicitor)

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    Allison Baden-Clay - GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD #40

    Please continue here....

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    Aha - FIRST (edited in by request

    Just a repeat post, as I posted this just as the previous thread was being closed, so it may have been missed:

    Dr Watson a question for you would drugs disperse through a person if administered after death - wouldn't be ingested but as they broke down would they be present in the tissues and organs they were close to?
    Short answer - no. If administered after death, (or even very shortly before death) especially in tablet form, those tablets would just be sitting in the stomach. They would become very mushy and may even dissolve completely, depending on what was already in the stomach or if the stomach was empty. But virtually none would be absorbed, and certainly not circulated.

    The levels obtained by the pathologist were from blood taken from the liver.

    There is a principle in physiology called "first pass" - blood from the bowel passes through the liver FIRST (via the portal vein) before getting into the general circulation, and it would not be unexpected that levels of a drug would be higher in the liver than anywhere else.

    And as I posted several pages back, before the bit came out in yesterday's court hearing about the difficulty in doing the toxicity screen tests and the fact that they had to use blood from the liver, the levels in the general circulation would be almost impossible to measure after 11 days.

    I don't believe for one minute that she took an overdose of Zoloft, or that it would have killed her. She may have been forced to swallow some (chipped tooth, bruising on chest wall, etc) to make her drowsy, but none of this would suggest suicide to me.

    If there were no residual tablets of Zoloft in Allison's stomach, then they would have been taken or administered at least 15-20 minutes before death.
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    "Elementary, my dear Watson"

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    Haven't been on here for ages, so hello to everyone. I was appalled by the article in todays "Courier Mail" reporting that the policemen who went to the Baden-Clay house at 8.45am on the morning of disappearance reported that had told the children "Mummy went for a walk, she probably fallen in a hole and won't be back," and with that news the happy cherubs skipped off to school.

    You think your wife has died, you tell your children as much and then expect them to attend school? Incredible nerve!!

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    Court documents show police focus on "blunt razor" cuts on Gerard Baden-Clay's face


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    Unreal. "fallen down a hole and won't be back'. I can just see the kids taking that well.

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    I use the same type of razor - a Gillette Mach III - and the only way you could cut yourself with one of those would be to slide it sideways or lop the top off a spot! They're incredibly safe - even safer when blunt...

    Those are scratch marks, pure and simple.

    And good for Constable Ash for being suspicious - excellent work.

    "Fell down a hole and won't be back"?? Kidding, right? And OW knew this? Uh oh...

    "Elementary, my dear Watson"

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    Constable Ash said he first saw a woman he now knows to be Baden-Clay's sister Olivia Walton walk three children down the stairs and put them in a car.

    I said all along OW the girls were home and OW took them to school. I remember when I said it world war 3 nearly broke out in here.

    A lot of the theories, rumours and inside info seem to be true. GBC couldnt lie straight in bed!!

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    "I'm now driving the streets. My, my father's come over and, to look after the children," he said.

    6.15am he is awake
    7.15am phone police
    8.00am police arrive

    yet he states he was now driving the streets? yeah right. Inbetween making lunches getting the girls up....


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