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    I didn't mean 'rules' as in laws to follow, I meant 'guidelines' so to speak, he used as a reference to how he lined up the bodies. I'm interested in how he kept track of how they were lined up. It's not as if they were haphazardly placed in the dark. He must've left some type of breadcrumb to mark the graves or used a GPS device. If that were the case, can satellite be cross referenced and traced back to a cell phone or a Garmin registered to anyone? Just throwing it out there to see if it's even possible to track. Or does LE have (or overlooked) a grave marker of some sort which might be beneficial to linking a person to the case?

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    These are good questions you're asking. I always assumed though the reason was he was extremely familiar with the area, either from having grown up there or spending a lot of time traveling back and forth on that road during the daytime. Knew it like the back of his hand, so he was aware of where he was in relation to the other bodies even in the dark. Which I guess might mean he drove past the dump site(s) to revisit them during the day before dumping his next victim.

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    Can I get some opinions on the last few pages of this thread? Thanks


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