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    WA - Daniel Bravo for punching infant, Bellingham, 2012

    Police said the man followed the family out of the restaurant, ran up from behind and punched the infant while in the arms of the mother.

    The father and two witnesses to the incident chased the man down and held him until police arrived.
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    This is the kind of man that will go on a killing spree.


    I don't know how the father didn't beat him while waiting for cops.

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    OMG what is wrong with that guy!?!?!?! I am also surprised the dad didn't beat the living snot out of him. I wouldn't of been able to control myself.

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    November 2013:

    The boy had bruising and swelling but, so far, has shown no signs of permanent damage.

    Court records show Bravo has a pattern of mental instability dating back to the age of 7, when he
    was first diagnosed with schizophrenia. More recently, records reveal:
    -In a delusional rage, Bravo attacked a fellow mental health patient with a pen in September
    2009 at Skagit Valley Care Center, believing the victim wanted to harm him.
    -Bravo caused $1,500 damage to a vent Aug. 12 at the Whatcom Count Jail work center where
    he was being held on a petty theft charge. According to charging papers, he climbed a fence and kicked the vent in an escape attempt, saying "he needed to see his doctor about his medication
    for voices inside his head and he got claustrophobic."..
    In May 2013, a state psychologist determined Bravo still showed obvious signs of mental illness.

    But last week, after several more months of treatment, Whatcom County Superior Court Judge
    Charles Snyder approved an updated finding that Bravo could "currently understand" the charges
    against him. (The phrase "fully understand" has been crossed out in pen on official paperwork.)
    Bravo pleaded guilty to two counts of third-degree felony assault, for the attack on the deputy
    and the attack on the baby. He was sentenced to a year in jail, but he has served that time already
    and walked a free man Thursday afternoon.
    The sentence doesn't require any supervision from the Department of Corrections, nor does it
    force him to take medications.

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    November 2015 - in jail again:

    Daniel Joshua Bravo, booked by Bellingham Police Department for failure to appear for first-degree arson
    Read more here: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/news...#storylink=cpy

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