LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Police on a drug raid burst into a home during a toddler's birthday party, startling children who were getting ready to eat their cake when the gun-toting officers crashed the party. Amid wails from children and a few parents -- and a phone ringing incessantly with prospective drug buyers -- officers arrested a pregnant woman and accused her of selling marijuana from the house. ............Police did not know a birthday party was going on when they decided to make the bust.................
Elizabeth Leah Sauls, 21, was hosting her niece's second birthday party at the time of Friday evening's raid. She was allegedly smoking marijuana in the master bedroom and continuing to sell pot out of the house as the police moved in. Friend said she received 35 calls requesting the drug in the short time that police were there............................She appealed to the police that she was just selling the marijuana to pay for diapers and food for her 1-year-old, but police said they had been gathering evidence for weeks, making undercover purchases from the home, arresting buyers leaving the home and finding $860 and a pair of scales in the house.

The 2-year-old birthday girl and Sauls' 1-year-old were turned over to their grandmother, who was at the party.

"We have plenty of cases of people providing drugs in diaper bags around children, but at a birthday party? That's unusual," prosecutor Robert Herzfeld said.