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    KS - Natalie Pickle, 3, died of head injury, Dodge City,19 Nov 2008

    I struggle to believe that there are even MORE of these cases where justice is being denied.
    How can someone NOT get justice for a murdered baby... or toddler... I just don't understand.

    3 year old Natalie "fell off a bed" in November 2008. While being watched by her mother's boyfriend (at the time.)

    Death Of 3-Year-Old Ruled Homicide


    Answers for Natalie - November 2010

    On November 19, 2008, Natalie was home in Dodge City with her mother’s boyfriend.
    The boyfriend told investigators Natalie fell off the bed.
    She died the following day.
    Now, nearly two years later, charges have yet to be filed in the case.


    The legal battle began immediately.
    The boyfriend’s attorney hired a private pathologist who wanted to observe the autopsy.


    It is worth noting that Natalie's mother and paternal grandmother are friends on facebook...and BOTH are looking for justice.
    It also appears that the boyfriend in this case may have connections... which may help explain why no arrest.

    We have seen other cases... such as Juliette's...where the mother had no desire to seek Justice for their murdered child.
    It doesn't appear that is the case in Natalie's case. Her maternal AND paternal families both appear to want justice.

    We've also seen other cases where the suspect had connections, like in Baby Alissa's case. It could be the case here too.


    Whatever the case... this little girl deserves Justice as much as Juliette or Alissa or anyone else.

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    She was a little beauty....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie09 View Post
    She was a little beauty....
    I know... just look at those baby blues with that red hair!

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    It's heartbreaking that Natalie has no justice yet...4 long years! I wonder what is holding the case up? The boyfriend was with her when the injuries happened...the mother says other people besides her saw Natalie prior and she was fine....I don't understand, unless, like you say, the BF has influence....it's a shame..

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    From last month:


    Motions were heard in front of Judge E. Leigh Hood in the Brock Cunningham case on Monday.

    Cunningham is facing murder charges after 3-year-old Natalie Pickle was taken to Western Plains Medical Complex on Nov. 19, 2008 after sustaining an injury to her head that resulted in her death...

    The jury trial for the case is scheduled to begin Aug. 10 at the Ford County District Court.

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    January 2013 - boyfriend Brock Cunningham arrested.

    Brock Cunningham, the boyfriend of 3 1/2-year-old Natalie Pickle's mother, has been arrested on charges of first degree murder and child abuse for the toddler's 2008 death.

    Natalie was severely injured Nov. 19, 2008, in Dodge City and died the next day in a Wichita hospital. Her death was ruled a homicide in early December of that year and the case has remained open since.

    Natalie's mother, Amanda Perry, was at work Nov. 19 and had left her children in Cunningham's care. An autopsy report from the Shawnee County Morgue in Topeka revealed Natalie had suffered a variety of injuries, including bruises to her scalp, hemorrhaging about her optic nerves and a right radial fracture.

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    December 2013 - preliminary hearing.

    In a recorded statement to police at the time, Cunningham said he heard a big thud from the bedroom where Natalie was playing. When Cunningham entered the bedroom, he found her laying on the floor, on her back and unresponsive...

    According to Dr. Weeks, a CT scan showed Pickle suffered a subdural hemorrhage, bleeding and broken blood vessels in the brain, and deep swelling in the brain, levels of trauma that do not coincide with a child falling from a bed. “These type of injuries are not caused by short falls or minor trauma,” Dr. Weeks said. “The injuries are characteristic of abusive head trauma.”...

    Dr. Mitchell said the [scalp] bruising pattern was most significant to him. A specific area was surrounded by bruises, suggesting the child had hit an object repeatedly in the same manner.

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    August 2015:

    It took the jury 3 hours to come up with their verdict. After more than 10 days of testimony, the jury found Brock Cunningham not guilty on charges of child abuse and murder in the first degree.

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    Attorney Dan Monnat says Brock Cunningham shed tears of joy after the verdict and wants to focus on spending quality time with his family.

    Monnat felt the strongest evidence in the case, was Cunningham's own testimony. He told jurors he did not kill Natalie.

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