Missing Children Global Network
MCGN is a non-profit organization that is working to establish a network offering photographic, video and written information, through an online National TV Network, about missing children in the United States. Moreover, it creates educational programs in order to avoid the causes therein. The organization is also planning to offer a volunteer psycology network for counseling for children and families who have suffered missing or abducted children, exploitation or abuse, and will take action to stop any such situations.

MCGN is a national not-for-profit organization that help locates missing children through an active National TV Network, prevents child abduction through education, and help to resolve these types of cases.

With a HOT LINE answer phone we receive calls from all US for assistance each year. An in-house location professional staff help in each case of a missing child using computer technology, with our online television global network, installed tv (with our own tv online) inside commercials stores and public buildings and places, and a massive national network of partners, including local law enforcement agencies, the FBI, national and state missing children clearinghouses, schools and other non-profit organizations. Photos of missing children are disseminated nation wide through the support of hundreds of media outlets, other businesses and volunteers who post, circulate, print or air missing children posters.