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    Homebake cookies caused chaos?

    OMG I have truly heard everything and now I'm afraid I'm going to die tonight. This is an amazingly screwed up woman... beyond bizarre news. Good LORD.... help us from the lawsuit hungry people


    It all started last summer when Taylor Ostergaard, now 18, and Lindsey Zellitti, now 19, decided to stay home from a dance in order to surprise their neighbors with an anonymous delivery of homemade cookies.......


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    >>>>>Despite the bitterness surrounding the incident, Renea Young said she would do the same thing again.

    "There has to be some accountability, some responsibility taken," she said.>>>>

    This quote just fractures me. Take some responsibility for an baking cookies? Or for knocking on a rural neighbors door? LOL

    I live in the country, and yes, we migght be startled by a knock on the door that late at night, but I can't imagine anyone even contemplating suing over it. Absolutely dumbfounded!

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    This happened out in my neck of the woods. An article in the paper noted that the Youngs, who filed the complaint, had been involved in 9 other lawsuits, some filed against them, over a period of time.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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    Girls give away cookies; get sued

    There's a lot of discussion on this thread, blueclouds.

    Go take a gander.

    Blessings, Lanie

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    Quote Originally Posted by vicktor
    This happened out in my neck of the woods. An article in the paper noted that the Youngs, who filed the complaint, had been involved in 9 other lawsuits, some filed against them, over a period of time.
    AH HA!! I've suspected since I first read about this case that this woman was involved in multiple lawsuits. It just had that feel to it.

    I've probably shared this before, but several years ago my son (17 at the time) was involved in a car accident. A little old lady, sweet looking like a nice granny, had hit him from behind. She "thought" that he had pulled out in front of her and that she'd broadsided him without even having a chance to put on her brakes. Her neck hurt, her back hurt, she couldn't sleep with her husband anymore, the litany of complaints went on and on. So she sued us. We had to hire a man from the NTBS to come in and "reconstruct" the accident to prove that she had actually hit my son from behind. Thank God we'd gone out to the scene of the accident and taken pictures! And thank God that the head of our local university's physics department was on the jury, because that guy completely understood what the crumple pattern of the metal on my son's car meant about how the accident had occured. It took TWO and a half years to get to court. We had this hanging over our heads the whole time, it was horrible. At the deposition she'd mentioned three other lawsuits she'd been involved in: She had breast implants and had sued DOW Chemical, but she'd spent the money on a new car and needed more money to get the implants removed (my money, I guess!) She had sued a Water Park because she got so frightened on the way down the big slide that she'd almost drowned in 18 inches of water (they settled, so she got money then too) and she'd sued another person she'd been involved in a car accident with. Won money there too. She actually admitted during the deposition that her husband was needing to retire and they were a " little short of funds."

    Suing people is a way of life for some of these people.

    And a little word to the wise: Keep a disposable camera in your car and photograph every accident you are involved in from several angles. Include things like the little reflector bumps between the lanes, the painted lines on the road, land marks. You never know when you will need to defend yourself!

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