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    PA - Sammi Heller, 17, suffocated after intentional crash, Manheim, 4 Dec 2012


    December 28, 2012

    MANHEIM, Pa. -- A central Pennsylvania man suffocated his 17-year-old girlfriend by sitting on her head after he intentionally drove into a guardrail at about 100 miles per hour in the middle of the night, authorities said.

    Police filed homicide and other charges Friday against Benjamin Daniel Klinger, 19, for the Dec. 4 death of Sammi Heller on an interstate near Manheim. Klinger is accused of crashing on purpose, then killing Heller by sitting on her until she asphyxiated.

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    Benjamin Klinger, 21, sentenced Friday to 28 to 56 years in prison, apologized for suffocating his girlfriend after she survived his deliberate, 115-mph crash into a guardrail...

    McFalls said she agreed to Klinger pleading guilty to third-degree murder rather than the uncertainty of a trial because it guarantees for nearly three decades that other women and children are safe...

    Accepting Klinger's plea bargain, Judge Miller said, "Today is the first day I've seen any degree of humanity or emotion in you."

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    From last month:

    Man who pleaded guilty to killing girlfriend after Rapho Township crash cannot take back plea, judge rules


    In March Klinger argued a post-conviction relief in Lancaster County Court, saying his attorney gave him bad advice and did not fully investigate potential defenses.

    Miller said there was no merit to Klinger's claim, according to the district attorney's office.

    “While the harsh reality of (Klinger’s) lengthy sentence may have finally set in, such reality fails to negate the fact that on Aug. 29, 2014, (Klinger) stood before this court, fully versed in the facts of his case and the charges against him, and entered a knowing and voluntary plea of guilty," Miller said in her opinion.

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