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    Cat saves baby from 7ft python's grip

    A brave cat saved a 5 month old baby from a python's grasp, by hissing and waking her mother.

    A MOTHER woke to find a 1.85m-long python wrapped around her two-year-old daughter yesterday morning.

    Tess Guthrie, 22, from Lismore on the far north coast, was woken by her cat hissing at 3.30am and discovered the python wrapped three times around her daughter Zara's arm, who was sleeping in the bed with her.


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    What's interesting about that story is that I've lost count of the amount of stories I've heard about cats protecting people - especially children - from snakes. Its mostly wild snakes, whereas in this story it was a pet, however it seems that cats are good at dealing with snakes gone bad.

    Not that I've anything against snakes, they're marvellous creatures in their own way, and I can see why people would keep them as pets. Personally though, if I was going to have a pet snake in the house, I'd get myself a little cat too.....

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    Having a cat seems to have worked here. When my(then)wife and I had our wonderful daughter, we just made sure we didn't have anything in the house that would eat her.

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    Where did it say that the snake was a pet? I read the story twice and couldn't find anything about it being a pet. Are my eyes failing me?

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