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    Blind baby rhino rescued after he is seen bumping into trees and rocks in the wild

    Blind baby rhino rescued by wildlife wardens after he is seen bumping into trees and rocks in the wild (dailymail.co.uk)
    The boisterous 18-stone mammal named Nicky was rescued by Mike Watson who found him running around alone.
    Mike, CEO of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, which was founded to protect rhinos from poachers, said: 'A couple of months ago we noticed a baby rhino running into things, straying away from his mother and getting confused.

    'The veterinary team confirmed he was blind, so we took him in as the chances of survival in the wild would have been very slim.

    'The first few days in his new home were difficult for him, but now he’s thriving, growing and getting into all kinds of trouble.'

    Over the next few months, Mike is hoping to raise enough money to fly in a specialist to perform cataract surgery to restore Nicky’s eyesight.
    the rest, with plenty of cute baby rhino pics, at link above

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    Hi hope his surgery is a success, poor little Nicky. He is so cute!
    So glad he has someone to help him, his minder even covers him with a blanket when he takes a nap and helps him to search for food.
    Thank goodness he was found.
    Good luck little Nicky!
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    Here's the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy's site: http://www.lewa.org/

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