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    I'm in dire need of a electric typewriter, it doesn't need to be fancy, just have to be able to still buy the replacement ribbons. I've tried the salvation army...but I live in a pretty small town and I don't want to pay out the nose, I'd be happy with a used one. Thrilled in fact. I do alot of research for school, and I'm using a black ink cartriage a week on my printer, and they are 27.50...

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    I may can help you on this one. I have a brother electric typewriter with memory. Works good nothing wrong with it but I use a computer for my typing needs. PM me and i will look and see if I can locate the typewriter

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    I have one you can have if you'll pay the shipping. It's a Smith-Corona Electra XT. Don't know if you can get the ribbons still. You'd probably be able to find them online if they're still available. Check it out and let me know if you're interested.

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    I have a Royal something or other that I would give to you if you like. Just PM and we can discuss shipping.



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    Just a suggestion but have you thought of buying a different printer?

    I have a lexmark z23 and my son is obsessed with printing pictures we go through 2-3 color cartridges a month.
    But the price has gone down I can buy a combo pack at staples of balck and color for 36$ I think they offer a double black cartridge pack for a little less.
    Also the software with it has a setting for quick print and you use considerably less ink that way.

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