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    Couple married for 76 years pass 12 hours apart.

    This is the second time I've run across something like this in the past week. They passed on the same day. Yes, it's sad, but there is something so touching about it. With divorces a dime a dozen, it's hard to comprehend what closeness and never ending love these couples had for each other. RIP

    WYANDOTTE, MI (WDIV) -- Edna Kreger and her husband William were married 76 years.

    The couple's children say it seems fitting that they died within a few hours of each other.

    William was healthy. However, this past Thursday he fell in the bedroom and hit his head. His family was with him when he died. Edna passed away just 12 hours later. She was 97. William was 96.


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    even death couldn't part them, they walked that last road together. Very touching.
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