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    OK - Mom's book chronicles autistic son's upbringing, suicide, & whimsical hauntings

    New book brings bittersweet humor to tragic story (Daily Oklahoman)
    When Muskogee native Diane Bucci started writing her book more than 20 years ago, it was supposed to be a humorous memoir of her family's journey raising Mikey, her autistic son.

    That story took a sudden, tragic turn in 2008, when Mikey, then 25, shot and killed himself at the Walmart in Checotah.
    Mikey had been an exceptional child — intelligent and curious with some unusual personality traits that would lend themselves to the autism diagnosis at age 3.
    As most any parent of a child with autism knows, living with the disease involves tremendous hurdles for all involved. But along with the trials come moments of pure joy, lightness and humor.
    That's when the story took a turn for the spiritual.
    On at least 10 occasions, she said the unmistakable sound of chickens clucking would come from common houseplants.

    “Seven of us heard it,” Bucci said. “One of them was a Delta Force Sniper team leader. He wasn't somebody that would jump to conclusions.”
    On another occasion, Bucci said she'd been feeling low, shedding a tear or two, when her computer, which had been offline, logged on to YouTube and a Michael Bolton version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” began playing. Mikey loved Michael Bolton, Bucci said.

    Bucci feels her son wanted her and her family to know in no uncertain terms that he was OK wherever he was.
    much, much more at link above

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    It seems it has been therapeutic for Mikey’s family to write this book, and what a wonderful way to honor his memory and to keep him in their hearts.

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    He killed himself My grandson, almost four, is finally communicating with us on an iPad and a dry erase board. He smiles so sweetly when I tiptoe into his room to join him in his mysterious "doings", we just love him and accept that he is beautiful and strong, brilliant and capable exactly as he is.

    I hope desperately he finds this world worth staying in. His parents and I are enchanted and so in love.

    Yep, this story has me in tears. We don't have "control". I'm grateful the family of the poor dead man has managed to find a kind of peace. They obviously loved Mikey. Our neurotypical children choose to suicide, too. Just a terrible tragedy in so many ways. If Mikey is in a better place; well, then you GO Mikey. Comfort your mother, and for the rest of us, we just want to know what we can do to make this world a place you will be OK in, so you won't end it, so you will stay and be your beautiful self in it, with us.

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    This sounds like it would be a really good book to read, thanks for sharing the link!
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