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    BC - Hoarder freed after becoming pinned under mounds of junk inside his dark home

    Inside the home of hoarder who had to be rescued by firefighters
    with CHAINSAW after he was pinned for DAYS under debris
    (Daily Mail)
    A 76-year-old Canadian man had to be rescued by firefighters wielding a chainsaw after spending at least two days trapped under piles of junk inside his cluttered home.

    The unnamed resident of Burnaby, British Columbia, was found severely dehydrated where he was extracted from a tangle of debris by first responders Monday.

    According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, at around 8pm Monday, they received a report from a man who said that he had not seen or heard from his relative in several days.

    According to the caller, the 76-year-old had been ill and suffering from mental health issues linked to a severe hoarding problem, Burnaby News Leader reported.
    Corp. Dave Reid described the man's home as crammed with garbage 'floor to ceiling in every room, on both floors,' [according to] Metro News Canada.
    more at the links

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    real life
    sad state of affairs.
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    One always thinks of the Collyer brothers (Wiki).

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    Hoarding is, imo, the saddest mental illness. I'll admit it makes me a little sad when their stuff is referred to as junk or garbage because to the person who was hoarding it, it was probably thought of as precious treasures.

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