The inter-city kitty: Cat found alive under front carriage of train after going on 1,700-mile journey (Daily Mail)
A missing cat survived a 1,700-mile journey while being trapped in the undercarriage of an inter-city train.

Polly spent two days trapped under the front carriage as the First Great Western train made a series of trips between London, the West Country and South Wales.
The two-year-old cat is thought to have climbed on board the high-speed express near her home in Plymouth, Devon, before enduring the two-day journey without food and water.

She suffered a badly-broken leg during the ordeal, which later had to be amputated.
Emily Mahoney-Smith said she first thought the noise was a fault with the air suspension and went onto platform to check.
At the next station at St. Germans Emily and the driver got out where they pinpointed the noise and were able to pull her out.

Ms Mahoney-Smith took her on board and fed her tuna from a sandwich from the train's buffet and put her in a box in her compartment before calling the RSPCA.
'She was very friendly and when I made a couple of PA calls she could be heard purring in the background, Ms Mahoney-Smith said.

'It's amazing how she survived for so long - I think she climbed into the train as she was after rats in the shunting yard.'
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BONUS! Cat, 17, reunited with his delighted owner a staggering TEN years after he disappeared (Daily Mail)
Grandmother Sue White was inconsolable when her beloved cat Miko went missing in August 2002.

After searching high and low for the red Burmese tom, then aged seven, she had finally come to terms with the fact she would never see him again.

But more than ten years later Mrs White, 56, has finally welcomed her beloved pet back into her home in Pilgrims Hatch, near Brentwood, Essex.

A member of the public found him and took him to a vet where he was identified thanks to his microchip.
Mother-of-one Mrs White, who had moved to a new house shortly before Miko vanished, said: 'Seeing him again was an absolutely fantastic feeling. I am walking around with a permanent grin on my face.

'I look at him even now and just can't believe that I have got him back - it still feels quite surreal really.

'It is so amazing. What's happened to me, let's face it, it's a miracle.

'It would be nice to know where he has been all this time - if only cats could talk.'
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