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    As Nurse Lay Dying, Offering Herself as Instruction in Caring


    SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. — It was early November when Martha Keochareon called the nursing school at Holyoke Community College, her alma mater. She had a proposal, which she laid out in a voice mail message.

    “I have cancer,” she said after introducing herself, “and I’m wondering if you’ll need somebody to do a case study on, a hospice patient.”

    Perhaps some nursing students “just want to feel what a tumor feels like,” she went on. Or they could learn something about hospice care, which aims to help terminally ill people die comfortably at home.

    “Maybe you’ll have some ambitious student that wants to do a project,” Ms. Keochareon (pronounced CATCH-uron) said after leaving her phone number. “Thank you. Bye.” ...............

    At the funeral, Ms. Keochareon’s sister Ruth Woodard spoke in her eulogy about “just what prompted Martha to offer her situation up as a teaching tool.” Ms. Keochareon deeply wanted nurses to understand her illness from the patient’s perspective, she said. But that was not all.

    “I notice that every time that Martha gave of herself she received far more,” Ms. Woodard said. “In fact, she received a few moments of less pain and I suspect that she received life itself — a few more hours, even days, with purpose.”...............

    "The further we (as the human race) grow away from the natural world, the quieter the natural world becomes and the more pathological we become as a culture."........Bernie Krause

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    What a fantastic idea. Great lady.

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    Nice reminder of all the beautiful people in the world!

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    That's generous & selfless...the human spirit is amazing...

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    real life
    wow. What a wonderful gift to those who want to learn and carry on her work.
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    Living on the edge....
    That is truly inspiring. What an amazing gift.
    Where are we going, and why am I in this handbasket?

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