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    MS - Kathy Mabry, 39, raped & murdered, Isola, 22 March 1997

    BELZONI, Miss. -- J.D. "Bubba" Roseman, the first black sheriff of Humphreys County, is a convivial man. In his office and in casual conversations on the street in this town of 2,200, he engages people quickly and easily, inquiring about a son on the football team, a niece in college or a grandmother in the hospital. He talks loud and fast, always smiling, and works a deep, infectious laugh into just about every conversation.

    But when Roseman, 57, talks about Kathy Mabry, the mirth drains from his face. His brow straightens. He speaks softly. He pauses from time to time to swallow the catch that latches onto his words, and his eyes sometimes well up. It's an unexpected thing from a stout man wearing a gun.

    Mabry was murdered here in 1997 at the age of 39. This part of America once produced murder ballads about brutal crimes like this one -- blues greats like Pinetop Perkins, Elmore James and Sonny Boy Williamson have all called Humphreys County home.

    Kathy Mabry's killer raped her, then slashed her face, head and throat with a rusty razor blade. She was left to bleed to death on the floor of a vacant house. "I think about that case every day," Roseman says. "I told Kathy's momma I wouldn't get an honest night's rest until we got the man who did this."
    Much, much more at link (verbose, but good article)

    The world is full of monsters with friendly faces and angels full of scars. ~ Unknown

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    This is an absolutely terrific look at injustice, with a pair of "officials" one won't believe. And a solved murder into the bargain.

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    Sad story, but thank you for posting.

    The official bumbling reminds me of another death investigation in Mississippi--that of Nikki LaDue January.

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