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    So Ziegler went on the March 25 Today show to raise funds for his documentary about Paterno, and NBC played about one minute total clips from over 3 hours of his interviews with Sandusky. And Zeigler promoted the show by implying that he would give out the name of victim 2:
    "He also issued a statement to the media advising them on “How to do a hit piece on John Ziegler.” That statement, released before the "Today Show" appearance, suggests Ziegler was going to state, on the air, the name of so-called Victim No. 2 – the boy in the shower with Sandusky. NBC’s Matt Lauer, however, reminded him in clear and direct language that such a thing would not be allowed due to company standards to not identify the victims of sexual assault.

    With so little coming from Sandusky, the "Today Show" piece seemed to be mostly about Ziegler, who is looking to discuss Paterno while Lauer wanted to discuss Sandusky.

    “I have no doubt that Jerry Sandusky was guilty of many of the things, if not all the things, he was accused of,” Ziegler said. “I do believe there was due process problems with the trial.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigCat View Post
    The movie starring Al Pacino as Phil Spector debuts this weekend on HBO. From Spector to Paterno. Wow.

    Has Pacino ever made a movie that isn't about crime?
    Yes, he has:


    Despite such reluctance to open up about his life, Pacino maintained a long, prominent career in which he accomplished acting's rarest of feats - winning Oscar, Emmy and Tony awards.

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    Zeigler publishes name of Victim 2.
    Moved this post test to the Sandusky gets 30 Years thread.

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